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CBD & Gut Health: What’s the Connection?

Living inside our digestive systems exists a vast population of fungi, protozoa, bacteria, and viruses—called a microbiome, which includes as many cells as a human body and has the capability of encoding 100 times more genetic material than the human genome.
Pretty incredible, right?
But more than that, knowing this also means understanding that the microbiome of the gut serves as a key player in human health—and can impact everything from your mood, to your ability to achieve good sleep, to your metabolism. Therefore, gut health disturbances can seriously contribute to your ability to live a healthy and happy life, and can also be a furthering factor to diseases, including cancer, obesity, and neurogenerative disorders such as dementia.
So, at this point you may be wondering how CBD plays into gut health. To which we are happy to introduce you to the Endocannabinoid System (ECS).

The ECS Bridge
There is some speculation within medical communities and scientific researchers that the ECS acts as a type of bridge between the body and the bacteria contained in the body. The ECS relays signals and contributes to the body achieving homeostasis—otherwise known as a feeling of symbiotic balance and harmony.
However, when there is imbalance or a disturbance within the microbiome, that is where physical or mental impairment can occur, throwing the body out of sync.
And it is here where CBD could play an important role.

CBD for Gut Health
There is still much research to be done, but there is some evidence that points to CBD’s ability to balance the ECS, serving as an immune modulator and potent anti-inflammatory agent. Therefore, CBD presents the potential to address a variety of digestive complaints in a positive manner by connecting with and modulating cannabinoid receptors.
Ultimately, the ECS is comprised of a variety of receptors and CBD may be able to support gut health through its ability to decrease overstimulation of the CB1 receptors as well as indirectly impact the CB2 receptors, creating an environment where there is balance and where conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), autoimmune conditions, etc. cannot take root and find a home in the body.
CBD presents the ability to help the ECS better regulate digestion, modulate inflammation, and improve communication with the brain (which can contribute to stress, anxiety, and pain management), thereby producing emotional and mental balance.
Additionally, using CBD is a natural and holistic way to regulate gut health. It allows a person to move beyond using drug compounds and pharmaceuticals in regulating and balancing the body’s systems and realizing homeostasis that results in less disease, chronic illnesses, and reduced stress.

Here at Asé Pure Naturals, we are excited to witness developments that are being made in the scientific community as more information and evidence is uncovered between CBD products and their impact on gut health. In the meantime, we encourage you to continue to learn more about how CBD is a valuable self-care tool that can enhance your health and wellness. We invite you to visit our blog, which we update regularly, and learn about our products that could help you live a more balanced life.


Meta Description: Do you have gut health issues that are getting you down? Asé Pure Naturals explains how CBD may be able to help you live a more balanced life.

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