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Organic CBD Oil- Does it Really Matter if it’s Organic?

In our society, there is a heightened focus on health and wellness, and each of us wants to ensure that the food we eat and the products we use on our bodies are safe, are manufactured through high-quality processes, and are non-toxic—just to name a few key points. Therefore, if you have been doing your research on CBD oil and other Cannabidiol products, it is likely the organic vs. non-organic argument is on your radar. Here is a brief overview of why you should be opting for the former over the latter.


Breaking Down the Importance of Organic CBD

USDA guidelines require that crops and products certified organic must start in farming practices.  This means that the soil where organic hemp is grown must:

  • Not be treated with any organic-prohibited substances, such as certain pesticides for three years prior to growing
  • Not be exposed to any synthetic additives in the soil to enhance growth processes
  • Go through crop rotations and natural ground tilling
  • Only be treated with naturally sourced fertilizers

Additionally, any form of genetic engineering is strictly prohibited.  This means that the plant cannot be grown with seeds that have been genetically modified. 

Now, understand that the USDA organic designation is relatively new to the world of CBD products and it is only because of the 2018 Farm Bill that CBD-grade hemp now can feature an organic designation.  This, in turn, means that companies that manufacture organic CBD oil, like Asé Pure Naturals, must meet very high federal standards and ensure the hemp plant itself is grown in accordance with the tenets of the U.S. Domestic Hemp Production Program


The Potential Benefits of Organic CBD

Here at Asé Pure Naturals, we believe in the benefits of all facets of organic living. As such, we have formed a close relationship with a Colorado-based organic farm to ensure the most exacting standards are met in all of our products. And the potential benefits of our organic CBD oil tinctures and soft gels may include:

  • Improved focus, sleep, feelings of calm, and relaxation
  • Reduction in anxiety, chronic pain, depression, stress, headaches, and more
  • Treatment of physical ailments like skin issues

Of course, organic CBD oil effects each person differently, so it is important to get your dosage right in order to experience the potential benefits. We invite you to explore the Asé Pure Naturals website today to learn all about our products as well as our farming and manufacturing processes, which are 100% organic and non-toxic.  We are committed to helping you feel your healthiest and live your best life. 

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