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Tips for Traveling with CBD

If you are like the rest of us, you are likely eager to begin traveling again as the COVID-19 pandemic wanes and life starts to get back to normal. However, it is also likely that in the past year or so you began using CBD products in order to deal with the stress and anxiety that the coronavirus injected into our society. As such, you probably don’t want to leave your CBD at home when you get back on a plane or cross state lines—and you certainly want to ensure you are following the law.
If this sounds like you, then you’re in luck. In this post, we will offer all of the information you need to know in order to travel with CBD products.

On a Federal Level…
Firstly, realize that CBD derived from industrial hemp became legal on the Federal level in the 2018 Farm Bill. If certain guidelines are met, CBD companies can legally grow, market, and transport CBD-rich hemp products nationwide. Ultimately, the Farm Bill makes this quite straight forward and consumers can also take CBD across state borders as well as on flights.
However, it is also important to confirm that the products you use are hemp derived…and not marijuana derived. The latter continues to be illegal in some American states and if you travel with marijuana derived products into a state where marijuana is not legal, you could face consequences.
Another point to review with regard to hemp-derived CBD is the fact that some of these products still contain THC. These products are legal to travel with so long as they contain under 0.3 percent THC.

For Added Piece of Mind…
All of that being said, there are still some states that do have specific laws on their books where CBD oil or CBD product possession is illegal. You will want to double check the laws of the state that you are traveling to in an effort to be certain you are following the rules and not putting yourself in legal jeopardy. Additionally, it is highly suggested that you carry a printout of the lab report associated with the product and keep it handy in case you are asked to verify cannabinoid content with a legal authority. And if you use CBD for medical reasons, make sure you also carry a copy of your prescription from your doctor with you.

International Travel
While it is easy to access Federal and State laws associated with CBD, international travel makes this issue a bit more complex. There is extraordinarily little guidance on international rules and regulations related to CBD products; therefore, we encourage you to do thorough research about the country you are planning on visiting. When compared with America, countries around the world have much more severe laws when it comes to CBD products—and it is important you recognize that regardless if CBD is legal in the United States, you will be held accountable if you break another country’s laws.

Some Closing Points

  • Finally, consider these points if you are making the decision to travel with CBD:
    CBD products do not need to be declared; however, they should also not be concealed on your person or in your luggage.
  • According to the Transportation Security Agency (TSA), electronic and vaping devices can be stowed in carry-on bags but not in checked bags.
  • Do not travel with the hemp flower ever. It resembles the flower found on the cannabis plant.

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