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Using Roll-On CBD for Seniors & 50+

CBD is fast growing as a natural way to bring health, wellness, and relief from minor aches, pains, soreness and other discomforts. Naturally, for people over 50 or for seniors, all of these sound pretty wonderful. You may have already heard about what CBD oil can do for you if you take it internally, and today, we’re covering what it can also do for you when you apply it to the skin.

First, let’s review what CBD oil, when taken internally in the form of CBD oil tinctures or CBD softgels, can do for your body, your mind, and your daily quality of life.


CBD for Seniors & 50+ — Benefits!

There are lots of benefits of taking CBD oil for seniors and for those over 50. This is a time in your life when the daily aches and pains that go along with aging and age-related diseases can begin to pull you away from living your best life. It can be isolating and frustrating, and certainly uncomfortable. 

Remember that CBD oil has benefits that could improve much of this for you when you take it internally:

  • CBD for anxiety – Many seniors can benefit from the calming effects of CBD.
  • CBD for pain management – Many seniors and 50+ experience moderate aches, pains, and soreness that’s fairly widespread through the body. Daily CBD oil can help you to feel more comfortable.
  • CBD for wellness – If you’re over 50 you’ve likely learned the importance of wellness for a higher quality of life. CBD for wellness is a popular reason to use CBD products daily to improve how you feel and how your body functions. Along with a healthy lifestyle, CBD can make all the difference in how you feel.
  • CBD for mental health & mood – CBD is also a great way to bring balance to your moods and find a more stable mental wellness.
  • CBD for sleep – Many people over 50 have trouble sleeping. CBD for sleep is a great way to sleep more restfully each night so you feel better each day.


What About Using Topical CBD Products? 

If you’re already taking CBD oil on a regular basis you can supplement with CBD topical solutions. You can also use only CBD topical solutions to apply care where you need it most.


What Are CBD Topicals? 

CBD topicals are specialized CBD formulas, usually creams, gels, or lotions, that contain CBD and other homeopathic and botanical ingredients that you apply directly to the skin to help with local pain, soreness, and discomfort for quick relief. 

The CBD penetrates the skin to the internal skin layers and delivers help to the affected cells. This makes CBD topicals one of the fastest ways to get relief right where you need it. When used in partnership with internal modes of ingesting CBD oils, you can get all-over relief that lasts and helps you to live a more active life. They can even help you to meet your fitness and wellness goals either in the gym or in your daily activities such as walking, gardening, playing with or picking up your grandchildren, or even taking a fun trip. No more sitting at home alone and worrying over those aches and pains. CBD is here to help!

Note: If you’re interested in beginning an oral CBD regimen, talk with your doctor. They know your health profile, the medications and supplements you are currently taking, and can clear you as a good candidate for CBD. Also note that for any solutions marked “full spectrum CBD” there’s a little THC in them. Ask your doctor if you are ok to take these formulas or if you should opt for a broad spectrum CBD oil instead. (The topical solutions are often made with full spectrum, but this type with THC in it is not ingested.)


Why a CBD Roll-On Can Help if You’re Over 50

People over 50 often feel muscle soreness, aching joints, and age-related discomfort. Or, maybe you just overdid it working in the yard. Whatever’s causing your soreness, CBD topical solutions like the CBD Muscle Gel Roll On can help you to live a more active and comfortable life.


The Best CBD Topical for Seniors

Asé Pure Naturals makes the best CBD topical for seniors and for people over 50. It’s called CBD Muscle Gel Roll On and it’s the best on the market!

 Here’s a little about what makes this CBD topical formula so special:

  • This CBD muscle gel is packaged in an easy roll-on bottle to deliver just the right amount of product right where you need relief.
  • Asé Pure Naturals CBD muscle gel is lightly scented with mint so you don’t have to worry about stinky pain creams. In fact, it smells really nice! The scent is light and does not linger for hours or stink up your clothes.
  • The gel absorbs quickly into the skin and is gentle enough even for sensitive or acneic skin types.
  • This CBD muscle gel delivers quick pain and soreness relief without unwanted ingredients that could penetrate your skin and affect your health. Check out these well-curated health and wellness ingredients you can trust:

    Capsicum Oleoresin – Analgesic properties, has been studied as a naturopathic remedy for management of neuropathic pain

    • Roman Chamomile Oil – Helps to reduce pain naturally without chemicals
    • Sweet Basil Oil – Soothes muscle aches
    • Camphor Oil – Naturopathic anti-inflammatory properties
    • Cinnamon Oil – This ingredient has a plethora of helpful properties from stimulating circulation to the affected area, reducing stress, alleviating aches, pains, and stiffness, helping with acne and rashes, and it nourishes the skin.
    • And of course the star of this formula is Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil With Naturally Occurring Cannabidiol (CBD) – CBD helps to relieve the discomfort and also acts as a gentle moisturizer for the skin
    • CBD Muscle Gel Roll On can be used on an as-needed basis so you can reapply anytime you need it.
    • This cool roll on feels gentle and soothing on the skin so it’s good for people with delicate or tender skin that doesn’t react well to creams that have lots of chemicals in them.


How to Use a Topical CBD

  1. Cleanse the affected area. Then, lightly shake the roll on bottle to be sure all ingredients are well mixed. Then, gently roll the gel right where you need it for quick relief of aches and pains or soreness.

  2. Roll the gel directly on the area of concern, then let it absorb or rub it in. If the area is very tender, roll on to your hand first, then apply gently to the area. This is a helpful technique if the sore area is particularly bony and the rolling mechanism is too uncomfortable against the skin. Consider this gentle method of application if you are using CBD for a bedridden family member who may have very tender skin.

  3. Do not roll the muscle gel onto unclean skin. This could inadvertently introduce bacteria or dirt into the product. Wash your hands and roll the gel onto clean hands and then apply if you aren’t able to clean the affected area.

  4. Do not apply to open or broken skin.

  5. Store your CBD muscle gel in a cool and dark place out of sunlight.

  6. Reapply, as-needed.


Do I Need to Do a Patch Test for CBD Topical Solutions?

Whether you are interested in topical CBD for seniors or for anyone else there are a few precautions to take as with any other CBD product, topical medication, or botanical cream. Anything you put on your skin could contain an ingredient that your skin is particularly sensitive to or you are allergic to. This is true of anything – even if the product is all natural, vegan, or made with very few ingredients. 

  • First, you should use CBD products of any kind only if you are over 18 or if your doctor says it is ok.

  • Secondly, if you’re worried about allergic responses to any of the ingredients you can conduct a patch test.

How to Do a Patch Test

Draw a small circle on the inside of your elbow, lightly, with an ink pen. Put a drop of the solution inside the circle. Do not wash it off for 48 hours. Then, check the area for any redness, itching, swelling, or rash. Discontinue use if your body does not respond well to this topical solution. 

Although unlikely for most people, if you do have a reaction, you may wash the area thoroughly with soap and water and contact your doctor if irritation persists. 


For More Information About CBD for Seniors

For more information about CBD for seniors, CBD for pain and soreness, CBD for sleep or for calm or any other use, follow our CBD lifestyle blog at Asé Pure Naturals. We hope to add meaning, a little fun, and yes, some CBD knowledge to your day so you can live better and live well. Thanks for visiting us here at Asé!


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