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What Is the Asé Spiritual Meaning?

So many people ask us where we got the name for our company. What, on earth, is an “Asé” and what does it have to do with CBD or wellness living? Is it some kind of athletic term or an ingredient of some kind? Well, no. 

The answer is in the spirit. Today, we’ll share with you why we thought this Yoruba word was fitting for our company and how the lessons of this simple word can add meaning to your own life.  


Key Points

  • We’ll discuss where this word “Asé” came from.
  • Meanings attributed to Asé are varied – we’ll share the myriad of meanings, including the Asé spiritual meaning.
  • We’ll share how this concept of Asé, paired with wellness-living choices, can enrich your life – and improve your quality of life.


Where Did the Word Asé Originate?

The word Asé, sometimes spelled Ashe or Axé, comes from Yoruba culture (Nigerian), and African Religious Traditions, and has been used for centuries as a close to prayer, a blessing to others, or to represent a variety of spiritual meanings. 

It’s used in a variety of contexts, today, but these African roots are important to acknowledge.


What Does Asé Mean?

For a closer understanding of its origin, nuance, and history in the original African languages in which it was first spoken, consider these descriptions of the spiritual significance of Asé:

Asé is a classic example showing us that the universe responds to our desires. Giving us  

“the power to make things happen”. When we feel better, we do better and we do more. 

Asé Book Boutique has a quick explanation, sharing that “Asè [Ah-shay] is a Yoruba word that means ‘it is done.’ This word is typically said after meditating.”

Author Angela Kaufman of Digest from Experts, relates that: “Ase” (àṣẹ) is used as a term of blessing and affirmation… is meant to affirm a prayer or statement…is a term filled with passion and energy”. 

(Redacted parts of this quote confirm the origin of the word to African Yoruba language (àṣẹ) originating in Nigeria.)

And further explains “The term originally refers to the life force or vital energy. In this regard it is similar to the term ‘Chi’ in Chinese spirituality, ‘Ki or Qi’ in Japanese culture or ‘Prana’ in Hindu culture. Thus when someone says the word ‘Ase’ they are both giving an affirmation and also sending vital life force energy into the world.”

We encourage you to read the rest of Kaufman’s article, and explore, further, the meaning of Asé. For each of our journey’s may differ – we each, as humans, seek meaning in our lives. 

You can also find a deep-dive into the history of the word on Pancocojams blog, which eloquently explores the complexities and culture of the word.

This embodiment of spirituality and blessing – we hope to do this here at Asé Pure Naturals, as well. We wanted a name that represented a variety of meanings to our users, very much like CBD does. For while we each want to live our best lives possible – we each have a personal spiritual journey and wellness journey that is both unique to ourselves and deeply human.


Choosing Asé and Wellness for Your Life

In keeping with the theme of blessing others, improved life, meditative wellness, and shared humanity – Asé Pure Naturals offers a variety of CBD products for a variety of needs. We do our best to be open about our products, answer your questions, and provide quality reading materials for all who seek:

  • More action with less pain.
  • Better sleep.
  • Improved mental clarity.
  • Improved wellness.
  • Feeling your best.
  • Opening up your life to growth.
  • Mental wellness.
  • Assistance for your body and mind before, during, and after meditative practice, physical exercise, and stressful events of your day.
  • Muscle recovery.
  • Stress relief.


CBD benefits are aimed at many areas which vastly improve quality of life. It’s like a blessing for your journey, a supportive boost for those days you really need it, and a wish for better days, better nights, and overall, better life.


It’s our wish for you. Asé!

We’re Happy to Have You Here With Us

Your journey is our journey. And because we work so hard to make environmentally responsible choices, with only the best wellness ingredients, and bring you superb quality CBD products – you can be assured that your wellness goals are supported in each and every Asé Pure Naturals CBD product.


Consider some of what is available to help you have a more comfortable, productive, meaningful life experience:

  • Improve your sleep, thereby improving your mental focus and clarity throughout your days. Practice good sleep hygiene, turn off all sources of blue light one hour before bed, and don’t forget your evening dose of sleep-soothing CBD tinctures. The full spectrum ones will be more relaxing for your sleep.

  • Improve your sex life by taking good care of yourself and using the power of CBD to keep you feeling your best. Try a muscle gel to help with any soreness you have before or after sex or any physically exertive activity. 


There are a lot of ways to improve your life with CBD. We hope that you feel connected to our message as a company – improve your life, seek wellness, find meaning in your life, and feel your best with CBD! – and want to learn more.


Here’s how you can learn more!

Bookmark our blog.

Reach out to us on Instagram.

And, as always, our team is ready to assist you on your wellness journey. Asé!

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