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Who Is Using CBD? What Statistics Show

With growing interest in CBD – who is taking it now? 

If you are a CBD user, a cannabis enthusiast, or neither (and you just want to know a little more about CBD), then you’ve come to the right place. We work to keep our CBD consumers up-to-date on cannabis trends, CBD products and how to use them, and other things you may want to know so you use your CBD products each day with confidence and security.


Today, we’re providing some helpful CBD statistics so you can see:

  • Who is using CBD?
  • Why are people using CBD products?
  • What are some CBD statistics to help guide you when making choices about your own body and CBD?
  • What’s going on with the CBD industry? Will it continue to grow? Can you expect CBD oil products to be available to you down the line or will this whole thing dry up?


CBD Industry Statistics

We’ll keep this part brief because we are trying here to provide information that is helpful to you – the consumer. We want to touch on the CBD industry because you may have fear that you will start using CBD and then – poof! – it will all fall out of trend, or go away. And then what would you do?


First off – we’re not going away. Asé Pure Naturals is committed to your wellness, and we are here for the duration! Now, the CBD industry? That’s not going anywhere either. 

In fact, growth is expected as CBD products branch off, CBD companies grow through acquisition and expansion, and the industry embraces more of its cannabis roots. CBD is even expected to move more into the medical, beauty, and other applications. The legal gray areas are also expected to become more clear as lawmakers learn more about what CBD and THC can do for people’s health and wellness.


Brightfield Group Consumer Survey on CBD Use

Brightfield Group conducts consumer surveys on who is using CBD, why, and their responses to CBD use, market reports, etc. Brightfield Also conducts a twice-yearly report on the CBD industry and this helps to shed some light on CBD oil use statistics. You can read the full report online at this link

Below are some of the most notable highlights of this latest report that may be of interest to you as a consumer.


Regarding the CBD Industry

  • The global pandemic slowed brick-and-mortar store sales and drove the CBD industry into higher ecommerce sales. Overall the industry slowed but is expected to pick up again. The result is higher online engagement with loyal users and increased advertising for CBD products. Targeted email campaigns and subscription models also help to drive consumer sales.

  • Cannabis dispensaries, which also sell CBD products, were largely unaffected by the pandemic having been deemed essential businesses everywhere but Massacheussetts.


  • CBD pharmaceuticals, specifically, are expected to quadruple over the next 4 years.

  • Cannabis normalization trends are helping to drive interest and acceptance of CBD products.

  • Legal gray areas surrounding CBD ingestibles and some specific cannabinoids (like THC) creates some legal turbulence for CBD makers and leaves the burden of research on the consumer until these legalities are more completely regulated at the state and federal levels.


Regarding CBD Uses

  • GW Pharmaceuticals’ Epidiolex is the only CBD product approved by the FDA for pharmaceutical treatment for medical purposes. (For treatment of 2 rare childhood epilepsy conditions.)


Regarding CBD Users

  • Millenials and Gen-Xers account for more than ⅔ of CBD usage.

  • Both generations mostly use CBD twice a day but millennials are more likely to take more servings per day by taking additional doses, using additional CBD products like CBD gummies, or by microdosing methods.

  • 17% of consumers who refuse to try CBD are under the false impression that CBD is psychoactive and give this as their reason for avoiding CBD.

  • 16% of people who do not use CBD feel that it does not or would not work. (Here are our thoughts on that!)

  • 18% of people who do not use CBD admit they don’t know enough about how CBD works. (We hope those folks read this!)


Brightfield, in partnership with HelloMD, also conducted one study and report with 5000 CBD users over the age of 21, in 2017. Here are some of the most interesting stats generated from that consumer report, which you can read, in full, online at this link

  • 58% of the CBD users surveyed were women.

  • 53% of those surveyed were regularly using predominantly CBD products without the THC and 9% exclusively used non-THC products.

  • Vaping was a preferred method of CBD use. (Since vaping use has declined in recent years, we’ll show you later in this article that this has changed. Remember, there was a wave of vaping-related illnesses in 2019.)

  • On page 7 of the summary, it is clear that a larger number of people are replacing pharmaceutical options with various forms of CBD products and are largely satisfied with the results. Many of these users seek relief from depression, anxiety, joint pain, and insomnia. Officially, we recommend you make this decision along with the advice of your medical doctor and the advice of other medical professionals who are familiar with your complete health profile.

  • Page 9 of the report shows the greatest interest of CBD users falling in the CBD + THC sector, but, again, in 2017, this may have been largely due to cannabis-friendly enthusiasts being the majority of users of CBD products in the first place.


For a more current look at CBD stats, we can look at what CBD Insider reported in their 2021 US Consumer CBD Report.

CBD Insider 2021 Report on Cannabidiol Use

This report finds that though the pandemic did affect the CBD industry, most of the CBD users polled had used CBD products for over a year and continued to find ways to get CBD products by ordering them online throughout the shutdowns. This suggests a very loyal consumer base for CBD products. This report also made some notable observations through their data:

  • There persists a gap between those who regularly use and understand CBD and those who have never heard of it or have no idea how it works. Many regular users still admit they have questions on how it is to be used. (Here at Asé Pure Naturals, we hope to close that gap.)
  • This report also shows that people are moving from pharmaceutical options to CBD oil products.
  • This report does show that tinctures are the most widely used CBD form in 2021 (a change from the vaping preference of the previous report back in 2017.)
  • CBD use seems to be more focused on health and wellness goals like mood, relaxation, comfort, calm, and rest or sleep. Relaxation now is the top reason (more than pain relief) that people take CBD. The report says, specifically, “The gap isn’t massive, but it’s noticeable; 60.3% of current users said they use CBD for relaxation and stress relief, compared to 53.6% who use it for aches and pains.”
  • Nearly one in three Americans have tried CBD products.
  • One in five polled who said they had not tried CBD cited cost as their main reason.


Here’s the age and gender break down of the users polled in the CBD Insider report as of 2021:


18-24 11.9%
35-44 16.1%
45-54 15.4%
55-64 17.1%
65+ 22.3%



53.7 % Female

46.1 % Male

0.1% preferred not to report gender


CBD Statistics Change with the Industry

Here at Asé Pure Naturals we are keeping our eye on these industry trends to see what the latest data shows on who is using CBD and why. We are also watching those legal gray areas and pressing for more clear interpretations of the law – because CBD for health and wellness, with or without THC, is important for consumers to have readily available for them. 


Stay tuned by bookmarking our educational blog and shop our store of superior quality CBD products to support your best life in balance.


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