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Why Self-Care is So Important


We all lead incredibly busy lives. Between professional obligations, family duties, and other activities, we tend to juggle a lot. With to-do lists so demanding, it’s little wonder that taking care of ourselves falls to low priority.

With that said, it’s crucially important to exercise self-care on a regular basis. In fact, it’s precisely because we’re all so busy, so overwhelmed, and so stressed that being intentional about self-care matters so much.

Simply put, if you’re not taking care of yourself, you’re almost sure to see some unwanted effects on your mental or physical health.


What is Self-Care?

Of course, self-care is one of those buzzwords that gets used a lot, but is rarely defined with any clarity. So it may be worth pausing to state just what we mean when we talk about self-care.

Basically, self-care refers to any intentional act of checking in with your own physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. It means taking the time to do something that nourishes or honors yourself.

Self-care can take different forms for different people. Often, it involves physical activity, like jogging, yoga, or a favorite dance class. For others, it may have more to do with relaxation: Meditating, napping, getting your nails done, having a massage, or simply reading in a warm bath can all be forms of self-care.

The important thing is to devote some time to putting your own physical and mental health needs first.


Why Does Self-Care Matter?

There are a number of reasons why self-care is beneficial.

  • Self-care supports overall wellbeing. Most of us understand instinctively that eating right, hydrating, sleeping, and exercising keep us feeling our best. They help us connect socially, too. Self-care is really just about recognizing this, and being more intentional about the things we know, deep down, are good for us.
  • Self-care supports performance in other areas of life. Looking to be more focused and attentive in the classroom, or more productive at work? Self-care can support your performance in all areas of life, specifically by reducing stress, boosting your energy, and giving you the stamina you need to stay on top of things.
  • Practicing self-care can help enhance self-esteem. This makes sense when you think about it. When you pause to devote real time to yourself, you’re reminding yourself that you matter. You’re reminding yourself that you have worth. This can’t help but manifest as heightened self-image.
  • Self-care makes us more attentive to our own needs. Your body is always trying to tell you things. The question is, how often do you stop to listen? Well, self-care is one way to do just that. When you stop to check in with yourself, it helps you to take notice of some of the unmet needs in your life, whether for rest, better nutrition, or simply some time to slow down and reflect.
  • By caring for yourself, you can build resilience. Self-care can minimize the stress you’re carrying with you, both in your mind and in your body, and thus make you better equipped to handle whatever obstacles come your way.
  • Self-care can be social. Another reason to practice self-care is that it doesn’t have to be solitary; in fact, self-care activities can be great opportunities to forge community, which can be spiritually and emotionally nourishing in and of itself. Consider group walks, bike rides, yoga classes, or a book club!


Start a Self-Care Practice Today

Self-care doesn’t have to be super time-consuming. And, there are plenty of ways you can practice it; the important thing is just to develop a self-care routine that works for you. Some options include:

  • Go for a nature walk
  • Relax in a hammock and watch the clouds
  • Draw a warm bath and light some non-toxic scented candles
  • Schedule 30 minutes to sit on the porch or in nature and read a good book
  • Sign up for a group workout
  • Start writing in a journal
  • Find a relaxing strain of CBD (we’re happy to help)


At Asé Pure Naturals, we are big believers in self-care. We’ve developed some holistic CBD products that may be helpful to you as you seek to release some stress. Browse our inventory today to find a CBD product that’s right for you!


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