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Will CBD Make Me Feel Weird?

Answering your questions about how CBD makes you feel

Cannabidiol, CBD, is fast-tracking to the top for alternative methods of mood management and every day stress relief, and for other uses. As many as 33% of Americans admit they’ve tried CBD products, in spite of the uphill climb for CBD makers to get past the stigma and past the fear that many have over trying something “new.” And trying something from the – *gasp* – Cannabis sativa plant. Which explains why so many people want to know:

  • Will CBD make me feel weird?
  • Will CBD make me feel sleepy?
  • Will CBD make me feel loopy or dazed?

In spite of the stigma attached to anything at all that comes from the cannabis plant, and the misconceptions that precede CBD – the exponential growth in popularity can only mean one thing: People are trying it and loving what CBD does for them. So, if you’re still worried CBD might make you feel some type of way, let’s talk about it. How does CBD really make you feel?

Our Key Purposes Today

  • Answering questions such as How will CBD make me feel? And How does CBD affect you?
  • Answering – What does the entourage effect feel like?
  • Shedding some light on which CBD products might make you feel differently.


How Will CBD Make Me Feel?

For most people, taking CBD products makes them feel better, but it’s hard to explain. They sleep better, but aren’t sure why. They feel more calm but don’t feel like they are “on something.” In short – it’s really hard to explain how CBD makes you feel. Some say they don’t feel different at all. Some say they feel “more normal.” Some even say CBD makes a whole host of things better in their lives from cognitive function, to focus, to less aches and pains and less stress.

What’s clear is that CBD affects us, but to what extent varies widely from one person to another. This is because we all have variable physiologies, metabolisms, and may choose differing CBD products, strengths, and regimens. Meaning, there are a whole lot of factors for comparison. So, what helps you may not work for your neighbor and vice versa. How CBD helps you highly depends on what CBD products you use and how much you take each day.

Will CBD Make You High?

Because of the association with cannabis, many people ask “Will CBD make me get high?”

Here are some things to remember about the connection between CBD and cannabis:

CBD is cannabidiol; one component from the Cannabis sativa plant.

  • THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is from the same plant, but it has psychogenic (high) effects that CBD does not have.
  • There are over 100 different cannabinoids found in the Cannabis sativa plant, but it is the THC that gives a “high” feeling. Though THC is found in some CBD products labeled “full spectrum CBD,” the amounts by law are less than .3%, a minute amount that can only give a mild effect when taken properly. Certainly, not enough for a “high” feeling. For some, it feels like a very gentle and mild relaxing effect.


What Does the Entourage Effect Feel Like?

Another concern many new or potentially new users of CBD products is this thing they hear about called the entourage effect. While that may sound a little scary it’s actually something good for you. The entourage effect  is a fancy term given to the way cannabis components seem to work together and enhance benefits of each other in your CBD products. 

This is why many CBD products contain more cannabinoids than just CBD. Oftentimes CBG and CBN are included, along with other terpenes, and if full spectrum, then it includes THC. The entourage effect means that all of these components work together synergistically to deliver the best benefits to you.


What CBD Products Make You Feel Different?

The jury seems like it’s always convening on this. There are those that rave over how different CBD makes them feel, and in a good way without the psychogenic “high” associated with marijuana or THC. Then there are those who say it helps a little or not at all. Depending on who you ask, you might get a wide variety of answers. 

The full spectrum CBD is different, however, in that it does contain THC. Because THC has a mild psychogenic effect at the small amounts found in CBD products, some may be able to feel more of a difference when they use full spectrum CBD products. This could include feeling a little more calm to feeling a little out of sorts when you first start full spectrum CBD. That initial “different” feeling is usually felt in the first few days or maybe weeks of being on a CBD product with THC. If you find these effects bothersome, reduce your serving size for a few weeks until your body adjusts. Then you can gradually increase the serving size a little bit each week until you get to the serving amount that best helps you. You could also switch to the broad spectrum CBD which does not have the THC in it.

So, will CBD make you feel weird? The easy answer is it may feel a little different at first while you get used to the product but these effects are typically mild. For the vast majority of CBD users the CBD wellness life is overwhelmingly positive and not at all weird.

Get Some of the Best CBD Products Right Here

For CBD products that bring wellness to your life without making you feel weird or “off,” you can count on Asé Pure Naturals to deliver. Not only do we seek out your questions, answer them as best we can, and create exceptional products – we also care about healthy living, athletic performance, wellness CBD living, and how it all works together for your best life. If you’ve been on the fence about CBD, hopefully today we’ve answered that nagging worry – I want to try CBD but how will CBD make me feel? – so you can get on with your wellness decisions. 

If you need more information or have questions on how CBD affects you, join our supportive Facebook or Instagram communities and let’s do this together.



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