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A CBD Gift Giving Guide

As we near the holiday shopping season, many of us are already brainstorming the perfect gifts for family and friends. This year, why not consider giving the gift of CBD? Whether your family members are stressed (who isn’t?), desire greater focus, or simply want to see what the CBD experience is like, a well-chosen tincture or gummy can be just the thing.


Of course, gifting someone with CBD isn’t quite the same as gifting them with a ceramic mug or a new hardcover mystery novel. There are several considerations you’ll need to keep in mind to ensure the CBD you choose is safe, effective, and customized to the recipient’s needs.

Tips for Gifting CBD


Here are a few pointers to keep in mind as you shop.


1) Think about what you want the CBD to do.


There is preliminary clinical evidence to suggest that CBD may help with insomnia, with pain management, with stress, and more. But some CBD tinctures may be targeted to provide certain benefits or address certain maladies. Certainly, a roll-on product is going to be better-suited for addressing muscle soreness, but wouldn’t make as much sense if your friend or loved one suffers from insomnia.


2) Seek CBD that’s grown in the USA.


Of course, one of your top concerns will be gifting a CBD product that’s safe and reliable. One of the simplest ways to ensure quality is to look for CBD products that are manufactured and -grown in the US. The reason for this is simple: We support American Farmers; we have all been through a lot the past few years and supporting American farmers and manufacturers is our passion. In addition, CBD products sourced here in the United States are subjected to fairly rigorous agriculture standards, ensuring their quality. That doesn’t necessarily mean that CBD products from elsewhere are all bad, but there’s less certainty about their quality and purity. Note: Pretty much any product that’s made in the USA will herald it on its packaging. 


3) Seek third-party test results.


Another way to ensure the CBD you’re buying is high quality? Look for tinctures or gummies that come backed with third-party lab results. Basically, this shows you that the product has been inspected by someone who doesn’t have a vested interest in selling it, and that the product has been found to be fairly high quality. Any reputable online CBD seller will provide third-party test results. If you’re buying from a brick-and-mortar CBD shop, you can always ask for the testing information.


4) Don’t buy from a gas station.


As a rule of thumb, it’s probably best not to buy any of your holiday gifts from a gas station. But that’s especially true with CBD. To be sure you’re getting a really good, high-quality product for your loved one, we recommend buying from somewhere that actually specializes in CBD: An online store like Asé Pure Naturals, or an in-person dispensary.


5) Think about dosage.


If your loved one is a pretty regular CBD user, then they probably know a thing or two about effective dosing. But if they’re new to CBD, they may have some questions. Too high a dosage can be unwise, and also just wasteful of the product. To make dosing easier, you might want to consider an oil/extract, which gives you more freedom to control dose settings as needed. 


6) Understand broad-spectrum vs. full-spectrum products.


Finally, when buying someone a CBD gift, you’ll need to make a decision about getting them broad-spectrum or full-spectrum. Basically, broad-spectrum contains multiple cannabinoids, but no THC. Full-spectrum contains more cannabinoids, including a trace amount of THC (under 0.3 percent). Full-spectrum is often thought to be more effective, but if you think your loved one would be skittish about even the most minute level of THC, opt for a broad-spectrum product.


‘Tis the Season for CBD


This holiday season, give the gift of natural, holistic health. CBD may be a great idea, especially when you take the time to do your research and get a carefully vetted product.


For thoughtful CBD gifts, consider the Asé Pure Naturals store. We’re pleased to offer a wide range of tinctures, roll-ons, and gummies, all third-party tested and made in the USA. Take a few minutes to browse our shop for the perfect CBD gift and reach out with any questions.


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