Chief Marketing Officer Mitchell Cotthoff

Meet Mitchell Cotthoff

Meet Mitchell Cotthoff, our Chief Marketing Officer, a true Renaissance leader with over two decades of experience in both digital marketing and medical sales. Mitchell’s journey uniquely positions him as an expert in the fast-paced world of digital marketing for the past 12 years.

But that’s not all—Mitchell is not only a marketing pro but also a dedicated endurance athlete, showcasing his unyielding determination by conquering 8 Ironman races. Currently, Mitchell has achieved another milestone, completing two ultra trail runs and setting his sights on the notorious Leadville 100 for August 2024—a challenging trail race known for pushing athletes to their limits.

Beyond his career and sports achievements, Mitchell is a devoted family man who cherishes quality time with loved ones. As a horse owner, he finds solace and inspiration in outdoor adventures, often enjoying the freedom of riding in his spare moments.

Mitchell’s commitment extends to the community, where he actively participates in volunteering efforts, lending his expertise as a digital marketer to companies in need. His dedication to volunteer work makes him a cherished member of his community, adding a valuable dimension to our team.

With Mitchell Cotthoff as our Chief Marketing Officer, we have a visionary leader excelling in digital marketing, an accomplished athlete, a family-focused individual, a horse enthusiast, and a passionate contributor to volunteer work. We look forward to witnessing the continued impact he’ll make as we journey forward together.

Do Hard Things, 

Mitchell Cotthoff CMO, Asé Pure Naturals