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Can CBD Help You Quit Smoking?

Asé Pure Naturals with an honest conversation about your smoking.

Did you make a resolution this year to quit smoking? Are you feeling deep pangs of guilt every time you give in and light up a cigarette? First of all, we’re not here to judge. This is a difficult thing to do – and we know that with the proper support for your body and mind, you can do this. 

You may also be wondering “Can CBD help you quit smoking?” The quick answer is – it’s complicated, but don’t give up on that thought just yet! CBD may help in ways you don’t expect. 

Today, let’s take a look at this challenge that many people face, why it’s so hard to beat a smoking addiction, and how CBD enters into the conversation about smoking cessation, though CBD is not a smoking cessation product.

Key Points

  • Why it’s so dang hard to quit smoking.
  • How to quit smoking for good.
  • Smoking cessation plans that may help, including natural ones.
  • Can CBD help you quit smoking?
  • How to handle setbacks.

The Smoking Habit – Why It’s Hard to Quit Smoking

The CDC reports that nicotine, the addictive chemical in cigarettes, is to blame for it being so hard to quit smoking, but there’s more to it than that. You have to get used to several things in order to quit smoking. First, the brain releases “feel good” hormones when you smoke that tricks your body into thinking it is doing something pleasurable. To quit smoking you have to get used to this change in the brain which is why people seek out other pleasurable activities when they are trying to quit, like taking walks, exercising, or eating, all of which can also trigger the release of these same hormones. 

You also have to change a lifestyle which is built around smoking. This may mean changing some deeply-ingrained habits, activities, or even relationships that promote or support your smoking habit. It’s hard to change one habit and to quit smoking you have to change several habits at once while fighting off the physical cravings of nicotine withdrawal. 

But, as we all know, just because something is difficult doesn’t mean it’s impossible.


Quitting Smoking For Good

The most successful stop smoking plans will address your body’s addiction to nicotine and also your mental attachment to smoking, smoking habits, and smoking-related activities. For example, each step requires a different approach. You may smoke a lot while driving and while taking walks helps you keep your mind off of smoking, you cannot do this while driving. So, for each scenario you have to develop a rock-solid plan of action.

The most successful quitters are ones that :

  • Have a strong plan of action.
  • Try and try again.
  • Stay positive.
  • Have a support system in place.

Smoking Cessation Plans

Speak to your doctor about your plans to quit smoking. They can recommend a smoking cessation plan that is right for you. Choose a quit date and put that on your calendar.

Get yourself a support plan: people who help you stay accountable, activities or support materials that can help you stay on track, and consider taking CBD as a support system for your body and mind. While CBD is not a smoking cessation product, CBD products can offer support for people who are actively trying to quit smoking. Here’s how:

Can CBD Help You Quit Smoking?

CBD products offer support to your body and mind. CBD and other cannabinoids like THC and CBG help your body to maintain a healthy homeostasis in various bodily systems. While you are fighting hard to resist urges, why not use CBD as a way to help your body to feel better, feel more calm, and even get better sleep? When you are quitting smoking this extra self-care can help you to stay positive and keep trying.

CBD Helps You Feel a Greater Sense of Calm

Quitting smoking makes a lot of people feel off-kilter, mentally, and they may even exhibit mood swings or irritability. While CBD won’t make you forget all about smoking, it can help you to feel a more level sense of calm if you take it regularly.

CBD Helps You Get the Sleep You Need

It’s really hard to sleep when you’re quitting smoking. You may wake up a lot, dream about smoking, or have trouble falling asleep. Since CBD (especially the full spectrum varieties that have THC) can help support a healthy sleep cycle, this may be the perfect time for you to get started on a CBD regimen. For many people CBD is helpful for getting that crucial night’s sleep your body and mind needs, especially during this difficult time.

Begin your CBD regimen several weeks before your quit date and go ahead and start cutting back on cigarettes, gradually extending the time between smoking longer and longer to give your body some time to adjust to less and less nicotine. And follow your doctor’s orders to stick with your plan.

CBD Options to Try Before Your Quit Date

CBD oil with THCtinctures

CBD oil with THCcapsules

If you want an option without the THC you can try the Broad Spectrum CBD oil tinctures.



Begin your CBD regimen as a twice-daily routine. Start with a lower serving size to begin and then after a couple of weeks’ adjustment, you can move up in serving size, if you feel you need to do so.

While you are working toward the perfect CBD product and amount for you, go ahead and cut back some on your smoking.

It helps to choose a few activities that help distract you but also calm your mind (to help fight off those urges to light up) such as:

  • Exercise
  • Meditation practices
  • Mindfulness
  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Reading, Writing or journaling
  • Taking walks or spending time in nature
  • Listening to music, inspiring motivating podcasts 


Handle Setbacks Quickly

One survey was conducted covering four countries (USA, UK, Australia, and Canada) and showed that “Around 40.1% of smokers report attempts to quit in a given year and report an average of 2.1 attempts.”

Read that again. The study showed that more than 40% of the smokers surveyed want to quit and have actively tried to quit more than once. The FDA reports even higher numbers, that 55% of people try to quit and for many of them it takes several times. So, first of all, give yourself a break. There will be setbacks. Just never give up. Quitting is for you and your health and you owe it to yourself.

How you handle setbacks will determine your success.

  • Bounce back quickly from a setback. Instead of beating yourself up over the “failure,” (call it a slip-up and get on with your hard work to quit!) simply reset your mind. Like breaking any habit, positivity will motivate you.
  • Work on self-care: getting the proper sleep, taking care of your body, plus the added reminder on how much money you’re saving! Be good to yourself. It helps you keep that momentum moving forward toward a cig-free, cleaner, healthier YOU!
  • If you’re really struggling, don’t do this alone! Call your doctor and go in for a visit. Find a support group. Listen to smoking cessation meditations (or nature sounds or whatever helps distract you), and take long walks where you breathe deeply and notice those little things no longer hazed and blurred by smoke.

    Remember that for each and every time you choose NOT to smoke – this is a WIN!


For More Info on CBD Products

CBD products help to support your best life. When partnered with a healthy lifestyle and patient self-care, imagine what you could do! We hope you make a plan to quit smoking, today. CBD can help you to embrace all your health and wellness goals with that extra caring support for your body and mind.

Thanks for reading our question of the day: Can CBD help you quit smoking?  We hope we’ve answered all your questions. Let us be a part of your journey. Come and find us on Facebook or Instagram and share your journey with us!

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