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CBD Growing with Athletics Like the NFL

CBD Growing with Athletics Like the NFL

We are excited to see more research for CBD! Thank you NFL!

Here at Asé Pure Naturals we keep our eyes and ears open for exciting news on CBD and CBD products. Which is why, when we see athletes getting on board for post workout recovery or new scientific research like what’s going on right now with the NFL – we’re stoked! Cannabis research and CBD research, we admit, has a long way to go, but with huge organizations like the NFL taking notice and tossing their hat into the ring, so to speak, we can barely contain our excitement.

Key Points

  • More athletes are embracing the CBD life
  • NFL announcement, February 2022
  • The future of CBD for athletes


CBD for Athletes

There’s no doubt CBD is making a splash in athletics. Athletes from runners to swimmers to professional bodybuilders are realizing the impact that CBD can have on their athletic performance, training, and post workout recovery times. But athletes are often involved in partnerships, sponsorships, and organizations, complete with rules and regulations, that may ban them from using CBD products or disbar them from competition if they do.

The World Anti-Doping Agency removed pure cannabidiol from their banned list, but THC remains on the list of anti-doping and non-acceptable “drugs” that Olympic athletes may not partake or risk their ability to compete. This makes cannabidiol the only cannabinoid allowed.

So, for athletes, what is there to do when the powers that be are not yet on board with anecdotal evidence of the effectiveness of CBD products – which may contain trace amounts of THC in their formulations, or for full spectrum CBD products which are growing rapidly in popularity with athletes – or the growing body of scientific evidence that seems to support their efficacy? 

Well, for NFL athletes, there are signs that things may be improving, as recent as an announcement made by the NFL on February 1, 2022.


NFL Announcement on CBD Research

The NFL has announced the award of $1 million in research to two teams of medical researchers. These researchers at the University of San Diego and the University of Regina will be investigating the effects of cannabinoids on:

  • Pain management
  • Neuroprotection against concussion in elite football players

This is big news for football players who dedicate much of their lives to caring for their own health and physical conditioning, often receiving injuries while on the job or training for the field. This announcement by the NFL marks the first request for research proposals by the NFL-NFLPA Pain Management Committee (PMC), which was formed in 2019 to facilitate programming and standards for the health and safety of NFL players through education and research.


Better research is needed to conclude just what cannabinoids and cannabis derivatives can do to help football players improve on existing pain management strategies and treatments for players. The NFL is showing clear support for this research so that we can have a better understanding of how and to what extent CBD products may help athletes, and this is big news for athletes in other sports as well, as the NFL is such a huge athletic organization.

The call for proposals will result in submissions followed by proposals and narrowed to 10 finalists to make oral presentations to the NFL Research and Innovation Committee, which will advise the NFL after vetting.


The Future of Athletics and CBD

These developments mark a forward trend for CBD products in the world of athletics, a momentum that can only offer more ways for athletes to take care of their bodies and minds while they train and work hard at their athletic performance.


The future of CBD is looking quite bright, not only for athletes, but for other organizations should the NFL and other organizations back scientific research resulting in conclusive supportive evidence for the efficacy, safety, and specific applications for cannabidiol products.


Here at Asé Pure Naturals – we can’t wait to see these results and we are happy to follow this positive turn in the future of CBD. Hip Hip hooray for the NFL!

Stay Tuned with Asé Pure Naturals

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