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How CBD Can Help with Stress Around the Holidays

We’re getting closer and closer to the holiday season… that part of the year that we’re supposed to associate with family, joy, frivolity, and magic.

But most of us know better. For as fun and as festive as the holidays can be, they’re also incredibly stressful. There’s a lot of work to be done preparing your home for family gatherings. Buying presents for all your kith and kin tends to take a toll on the ole’ bank account. There’s non-stop busyness, to say nothing of the unique stressors that extended family can bring.

If you’re dreading the holidays, you’re not alone. The good news is, there are plenty of safe, holistic methods to cope with yuletide stress. One option that’s worth exploring? CBD.


Using CBD to Beat Holiday Stress

Cannabidiol may be just the holiday miracle you’ve been hoping for: Not only is it non-psychoactive (e.g., it won’t get you high), but it can be used to address many symptoms that are commonly associated with stress. Consider just a few ways in which CBD can help you keep seasonal anxieties under control.


1) Improving the quality of your sleep.

Dealing with a house full of extended family, or with a long day stuck in Christmas shopping traffic, can be stressful under the best of conditions. If you’re already sleep-deprived and cranky, it can be almost unbearable. Enter CBD, which many users say helps them improve the quality of their sleep. There are a number of reasons for this, not least CBD’s potential to calm any mood disorders or ease any physical discomfort that would otherwise keep you up at night.


2) Promoting your immune health.

Sleep deprivation exacerbates holiday stress, but there’s one thing that’s even worse: Contending with yuletide busyness while battling cold and flu symptoms. Again, CBD may provide you with the answer you need. Many CBD users have found that the right oil tincture can bolster their immune system, likely by controlling inflammation and promoting white blood cell production. In other words, CBD may help you fortify your defenses against seasonal illness. That’s one less thing for you to stress about!


3) Easing physical pain and discomfort. 

Everyday aches and pain can be frustrating, but they’re especially annoying when you’re trying to wrap presents, make a Thanksgiving meal, or play with your grandchildren. Symptoms of arthritis or other physical health conditions can contribute to seasonal stress, but CBD is often heralded for its potential to reduce pain and inflammation. This is still another important way in which taking CBD can help take the edge off your end-of-year, holiday-season stress.


4) Combating inflammation.

One of the things people love to do during the holidays is eat. Sadly, it can be difficult to enjoy your favorite festive treats when you’re worried about the havoc it’s going to wreak on your digestive health. CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects are sometimes linked with improvement to IBCS symptoms, and there is also some preliminary evidence to suggest that CBD can improve the health in your gut.


5) Enhancing your mood.

Even if you don’t have any problems with sleep, with aches and pains, or with chronic inflammation, you can still find yourself with holiday doldrums. CBD can represent a natural, holistic way to improve your mood and to better cope with anxiety and depression. It’s an all-around good option for entering the holiday seasons in a clear, healthy headspace, ready to enjoy all the pleasures that the holidays can yield.


Using CBD to Enjoy the Holidays

As you consider using CBD to improve your holiday experience, keep a few pointers in mind:

  • If you’re new to CBD, we recommend beginning with a lower dose, building up as needed.
  • Remember to consult a doctor about using CBD to cope with diagnosable health conditions, including mental health disorders.
  • Always buy CBD products from a reputable seller, such as Asé Pure Naturals.


We’d love to help you stock up on stress-relieving CBD oils, just in time for the busiest time of year. Take a moment to explore our inventory of natural, holistic, vegan options, cruelty-free, non-GMO CBD products, all made in the USA. Contact us with any questions.

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