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The Best Workouts for your Mental Health


You’ve probably heard again and again that exercise can benefit your mental health. This isn’t just conventional wisdom or a folksy aphorism. There is plenty of real scientific evidence showing how physical activity can elevate your mood, control stress, and provide a host of other mental health perks.

Whether you struggle with mental illness or simply need a good outlet for channeling stress, developing a good workout routine is essential. The question is, what kind of exercise offers the clearest, most impactful mental health benefits?


Different Workout Options to Boost Your Mental Health

Any kind of regular physical activity is bound to have a positive impact on your mental and emotional wellbeing. For some specific examples, consider these workout styles:



Even if you’ve never practiced yoga before, you probably associate it with things like mental clarity, serenity, and calm. There’s good reason for this: Even the American Psychological Association confirms that doing yoga may help to reduce stress and alleviate such common conditions as anxiety and insomnia. More generally, yoga can provide you with some space to relax, to turn inward, and to get some of your negative thoughts under control. It can be great for anyone who feels unsettled about their mental health.



There is plenty of research to prove how running benefits mental health. The endorphin rush you get when you run can be a powerful way to elevate your mood, and to combat negative feelings you get from anxiety or depression. Additionally, the time you spend running can be invaluable for allowing your mind to wander or to process some of the concerns that have been gnawing at you. There are also a lot of runners who say that hitting the pavement is a balm for their ADHD symptoms, helping them to sharpen and focus their minds.



Cycling offers many of the same physical and mental health benefits that you can get from running, but without as much negative impact on your knees! Indeed, cycling is well-documented in its ability to mitigate anxiety, stress, and depression. As an added bonus, cycling through a residential neighborhood or public park can supply you with fresh air, natural light, and some friendly waves from passers-by, all of which can further boost your mood and bolster your sense of wellbeing.


Aerobic Exercise and Weightlifting

Hit the gym, find a favorite piece of machinery, and get going. There are lots of mental health benefits associated with gym exercise, including things like jumping rope, lifting weights, rowing, or using an elliptical machine. Again, anything that gets your body moving is going to be good for things like mood, stress, anxiety, and depression.


Choosing the Workout That’s Right for You

You really can’t go wrong with any of these different workout styles… so how do you pick the one that’s right for you?

For one thing, you don’t want to overthink it. Pick something that sounds enjoyable! You’ll get the greatest physical and mental health benefits if you develop a consistent workout rhythm, and that will be much easier to do if you’re actually having fun.

Also keep in mind the demands of your physical health. Running may be great for some, but not for those who experience significant joint pain. 

Finally, remember that working out is just one component in improving your overall health. Be sure you combine consistent exercise with a reasonable, healthy diet. And to improve your mental wellbeing, consider some other options for stress mitigation, like creative work or journaling. And don’t forget that a good CBD product can provide you with holistic health benefits, potentially even stress reduction.


Browse CBD Products Today

As you seek some options to bolster your mental health, take some time to shop around for CBD, which can be effective on its own or as a way to wind down post-workout. 

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