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5 Morning Mantras To Brighten Your Day

How do you begin your day? Do you immediately reach for your cell phone and start scrolling Instagram or open up work emails? Our first actions after we wake have a profound effect not only on our mood, but on the trajectory of our day. Just like eating an unhealthy breakfast can make our stomach feel upset, what we feed our mind in the morning can either poison it or set a positive motivating tone. 


Life and business strategist Tony Robbins famously said, Where focus goes, energy flows.” In other words, our thoughts have the power to create our reality. They can either propel us forward or set us back. They can inspire, or discourage. By cultivating an empowering inner dialogue, we can start to manifest abundance, clarity, self-esteem, and so much more. That’s where mantras come in handy.


What is a mantra? 

A mantra is a simple statement you repeat throughout your day to influence your thinking and motivate you to act in accordance with it. The syllable, ‘man (pronounced mun)’ in Sanskrit refers to the ‘mind’ and ‘tra’, stands for a tool or instrument. So a mantra is essentially a tool we use to positively alter the mind. Mantras aren’t necessarily linked to spirituality. Simply think of them as ⁣phrases ⁣that spark a shift in our mindset and train us to think more positively. Just as deep breathing, yoga, or listening to a guided meditation can rewire our brains in a healthy way, focusing on a mantra can help you harness your inner glow which will not only make your day brighter but will lift up everyone you encounter in your day.


Sounds great right?! So let’s put it into practice. 


Here’s are 5 mantras to try. Pick one each morning and repeat it 5 or 10 times before getting out of bed. You don’t even need to say it aloud to feel the astounding effects. 


✨ “I have enough, I do enough, I am enough.”

✨ “I will achieve great things through small steps.”

✨ “I am grateful for all that I have.”

✨ “I am strong and capable.”

✨ “Everything I need is within me.”


There are countless mantras you can add to your daily wellness routine. You can even make your own up each morning! Choose words that truly resonate with your soul and you’ll be astounded by the uplifting effect they have.


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