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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Wellness Products for Your Lifestyle

All of us want to live happy, healthy, productive lives. And these days, the market is flooded with products that allow us to do exactly that. Or at least, that’s what these products claim. Finding products that actually align with your lifestyle goals can be challenging, simply because the options are so limitless, and because not all wellness products are created equal.

So what should you know about selecting the best wellness products? Here are a few tips and guidelines from the team at Asé Pure Naturals.


Start By Doing Something

We live in a consumerism age, which means that anytime a problem arises, our temptation is to buy a quick fix.

When it comes to personal wellness, however, buying things isn’t always the best or only solution. In fact, while there are plenty of products that can enhance your physical or mental wellbeing, you’re probably not going to find a product that solves all your problems and helps you reach all your goals overnight.

Since wellness products alone won’t address your concerns, we recommend actually making some lifestyle changes before stocking up on products. Trouble sleeping? Cut your caffeine or limiting intake after certain hours. Ready to lose weight? Start working out more consistently and choose a healthy eating plan and stick to it. Once you make some sustainable lifestyle changes, that’s when you might want to consider wellness products.


Seek Companies That Care About Consumers

How can you tell when a company actually cares about your wellbeing, and not just about their bottom line?

Well, sometimes you can’t. But there are certainly some signs to look out for. Look for brands that have really personal and authentic backstories. Seek businesses that are actually invested in sustainability. Try to find companies that promote holistic health, not just quick remedies.


Track Your Results

When you spend your hard-earned money on a personal wellness product, you naturally want to see some results. And sometimes, those results are easy to discern. For example, if you’ve struggled with insomnia and invest in something to help you sleep, you’ll probably have a pretty clear sense of whether it’s working.

In other situations, it may be harder to tell whether you’re really seeing a return on your investment. That’s why it may make sense to monitor fitness stats, using apps and wearables to ensure that you’re really progressing toward your personal wellness goals. These metrics can help you determine whether the products you’re investing in are actually doing anything for you.


Talk with Your Doctor

You don’t necessarily need a doctor’s seal of approval on every wellness product you buy. In some cases, though, it might be a wise move. This is especially true if you’re seeking any kind of medicinal remedy, such as supplements or CBD. Your doctor can verify that the product in question is safe, and will not have any adverse reactions with other medications you take, or with underlying medical conditions. Doctors that practice functional medicine, focus on getting to the root cause of an issue as opposed to supplementing with pharmaceutical drugs to mask the problem. What is a functional medicine doctor? Functional medicine doctors provide care in a more patient-centric manner, viewing the patient as a whole and treating the underlying causes of conditions rather than simply treating symptoms. Functional medicine doctors have the traditional medical education as well as focus on nutritional and root causes and have the ability to prescribe traditional medicine when they feel it may be necessary. 

Additionally, your doctor can suggest some lifestyle changes that you can make to augment the effects of your chosen wellness product.


Be Wary of Greenwashing

A final tip: Be vigilant against greenwashing. This refers to the practice of marketing products as holistic and all-organic when in fact they are anything but. Sadly, it’s pretty common in the wellness vertical.

So how can you be sure that the products you’re investing in truly are organic, and not misleadingly advertised? One of the best things you can do is look for signs of third-party testing from accredited, independent laboratories. Any kind of outside credibility or certification can attest to the brand’s organic or eco-friendly bona fides.


Browse CBD Products at Asé Pure Naturals

The right wellness products, used judiciously and in conjunction with lifestyle changes, can make a world of difference. As you seek the right lifestyle products, consider using organic CBD, which can potentially be a great, holistic health solution. We’re proud to offer a number of USA-made, third-party tested CBD products here at Asé Pure Naturals.

Take a moment to browse our inventory, or learn more about our approach to third-party testing. And if you have any questions, contact us directly. We’d love to help you determine whether organic CBD is the right fit for your lifestyle.



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