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5 Tips For Singles On Valentines Day

Single on Valentines Day, its not the end of the world. In fact it could be an opportunity to have fun and celebrate you. 


Here are our top 5 Tips to enjoy Valentine’s Day!

  • Spend the day with Friends– Friends are worth their weight n Gold. Why not organize something fun with your single friends. Turn it into a celebration of friends and joy. Did you know that in Finland, February 14th is a day dedicated to celebrating friends? It’s called Ystävänpäivä, and Finns exchange gifts with friends, family members & neighbors. 
  •  Pamper Yourself – Use this day to take a break and enjoy some personal time with yourself. Book a pedicure or massage, take a warm bath or read a book. Choose something that makes you feel good and enjoy you. 
  1. Do something exciting and maybe a bit scary–  Take advantage of this day to challenge yourself. Maybe you have been wanting to try skydiving, bungee jumping, fire walking, a cold water plunge, an off roading trip, anything that appeals to you. This will sure as hell have your mind focused on something else and in the moment, plus the added dopamine hit is a bonus. 
  2. Create a Gratitude Journal-Research shows Gratitude can improve your physical health, people who practice gratitude report fewer aches and pains, a general feeling of health, exercise more, enjoy higher wellbeing & happiness and suffer less of depression. It’s worth noting people who practice gratitude have an increased self-esteem, partly due to their ability to appreciate self and others accomplishments. A gratitude journal is a great exercise, simply start writing daily gratitude’s and when you feel down or need a pick me up reference your journal, for a reminder of how much you have to be grateful for. Gratitude can boost the neurotransmitter serotonin and activate the release of dopamine. Dopamine is our brains pleasure chemical. The more we think positive, grateful thoughts, the healthier and happier we feel.
  3. Do something that makes you happy– Taking action is the best form of self-love. Do somethings that makes you smile and feel good. This is personal and different for each of us. It may be a hike in nature, a trip to the spa, hanging with family or friends, reading a book cozied up with some hot chocolate, a face mask and some gourmet chocolate, after all it is a chocolate lovers’ day. Whatever makes you smile, schedule time for it. Also, whoever said dark chocolate is not healthy cannot be my friend. 


Be Your Own Valentine

Regardless of your relationship status, being your own best Valentine is something you can do for Valentine’s Day and all year round. Whether you are partnered up or thriving through life solo, you can make Valentine’s Day inspiration a year-round thing by putting your needs front and center. Get to know yourself, what your needs are physically, mentally, spiritually, socially (etc.) and do not be afraid to arrange your life so those needs are being met.

You can also show others how you like to be treated by having self-love and self-respect standards. 


Give Yourself a Valentine’s Day Boost with CBD

Now, we’re a health and wellness company. So, while we cheer you on for your best Valentine’s Day ever, we also want to remind you that self-care involves taking excellent care of your body and mental wellness. We offer CBD products for this and hope you’ll think of boosting your self-care with some CBD in your life. It’s really easy to get started.


First, see if you’re a good candidate for CBD.

Second, choose the right CBD product for your lifestyle.

Third, follow our blog to get some ongoing support for your new self-care campaign for wellness!


Asé Pure Naturals Supports Your Best Life, Every Day!

Here at Asé Pure Naturals, we support you in all your self-care and self-love Valentine’s Day celebrations, the couples, the widowed, the recently divorced, the dating, the broken hearted and terrified – we know love is tricky and the waters can be rough. 

We hope the day is full of kindness and love for you and all your loved ones. And, we hope our products help give you a little more calm on this Valentine’s Day. 

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