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5 Trends that will Transform the CBD Market in 2022


Strictly from the perspective of a CBD enthusiast, 2021 has been a banner year. A number of new strains and products have hit the market, expanding the already-rich spectrum of options for consumers. At the same time, sales for CBD have continued to skyrocket, suggesting widespread popularity and acceptability for these potentially health-enhancing products.

One of the things that makes the CBD space so exciting is the fact that the industry is changing so rapidly. As such, we assume that 2022 will be another big year, with plenty of exciting developments.

Consider a few of the trends that we see on the horizon, all of which could prove incredibly meaningful for those of us who are passionate about CBD.


Where CBD is Headed in 2022

1) Sales will continue to climb.

Over the past few years, CBD has gone from a relatively niche product to something well-known for its potentially positive effects. This is reflected in burgeoning sales, and if anything, we think 2022 could be CBD’s biggest year yet.

Many industry experts say that the size of the industry will more than double, perhaps even triple in 2022. And while that’s largely due to growing public awareness, we also think it speaks to the incredible volume of CBD products out there, from coffees to gummies to snack bars.


2) New products will arrive.

To that end, we also think that CBD manufacturers will continue showcasing their creativity and ingenuity, bringing a range of exciting new products to market.

Right now, some of the most common CBD products are oils, tinctures, gummies, and topicals. None of these are going anywhere. But if you’re looking to try CBD in fun new ways, or to scratch a very particular CBD itch, just stay tuned. There’s no telling what CBD brands will bring to market in the months that lie ahead.


3) Greater global investment.

Around the world, more and more governments are realizing the potential good that can come from an investment in hemp products, including CBD. There’s been an uptick in global investment over the past couple of years, and we think there will be even bigger investments in 2022.

What does this mean, exactly? Only good things. Expect greater infrastructure for hemp farming, improved extraction techniques, and enhanced distribution channels… all of which should lead to added and better products that are more easily accessible.


4) Shifts in CBD regulation.

Something else we expect to see in 2022 is a change in how the FDA regulates CBD products.

Keep in mind that the FDA is in charge of how food products are distributed, sold, and marketed in the country; and yet, the department hasn’t truly given a green light for the open-market sale of edible CBD products.

Of course, products are sold anyway, but to make sure they’re getting something good, customers have to look to third-party testing, or simply trust in a brand’s reputation.

We think things will start to change in 2022. If the FDA doesn’t provide a more robust endorsement of CBD products, we think they will at the very least take some meaningful steps in the right direction. And that’s something from which we all stand to benefit.


5) More ways to get CBD.

Finally, we think that one of the major changes that 2022 will bring is an increase in avenues for obtaining CBD.

Our guess is that many of the legal restrictions on how CBD is sold will ease up. And, we also think you’ll start to see more and more dispensaries pop up around the country.

The bottom line: Acceptance for CBD is growing at every level, and that should have a positive impact on product accessibility.


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