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7 Methods for Manifestation to Help You Accomplish Your Goals


All of us have goals we’d like to accomplish, whether in our personal life or our professional life. Maybe we want to get a promotion. Maybe we just want to learn a new skill, break a bad habit, or deepen a friendship. No matter your goals, there are always a few obstacles that you have to overcome. And often, the greatest obstacle of all is your own mindset.


That’s what the concept of manifestation is all about. To put it simply, manifesting is making something happen by believing that it will. Rather than approaching your goals with a defeatist mindset, manifestation allows you to approach them from a place of optimism, positivity, faith and belief.


Now, it’s important to emphasize that manifestation isn’t magic, and it does have its limitations. And yet, many psychologists affirm that there’s something real here: Often, we fail to achieve our goals because we’re subconsciously sabotaging ourselves with pessimism, or an underlying belief that our goals just aren’t possible.


Manifestation enables you to flip the script and set yourself up for real achievement. The question is, how do you begin manifesting?


Methods for Manifesting

Here are a few approaches that we’ve found to be useful.


1) Start By Setting an Intention

No matter what else you do, or which other methods of manifesting you employ, it’s always important to begin with clear intention. 

When you set an intention, you’re declaring that life isn’t something that will just happen to you. You’ll direct your own destiny through the sheer power of your daily thoughts and actions.

Setting an intention basically means articulating a clear goal for yourself. Name the thing you wish to achieve. Write it down; putting it into words makes it feel more real.

The intention that you set for yourself will be the focal point of your other manifestation actions. Believing is the first step to taking action. If you believe it’s possible you will begin to start, once you start, you need to keep going and continually work on your mindset while also taking actionable goals.   


2) Create a Vision Board

A lot of people manifest without even realizing that’s what they’re doing. Creating a vision board is one of the most common ways. Whether it’s a physical bulletin board or just a Pinterest account, your vision board can be a helpful way to imagine the kind of life you want for yourself.


3) Practice Gratitude

One of the core tenets of manifestation is the elimination of negativity from your mindset. By actively cultivating gratitude, you can purge some of that pessimistic thinking that holds you back. Consider something like a daily gratitude journal.


4) Try the 55 x 5 Method

This is a popular approach to manifestation, and while it will require some effort, it can be a powerful way to reshape your mindset.

Basically, all you do is turn your intention into an affirmation; this could be something as simple as “I will get that promotion,” or “I will get into nursing school.” Now, write that affirmation on a piece of paper. Write it 55 times, then repeat for five days straight.

Yes, that’s a lot of handwriting… but we’ve found this to be an incredibly effective way to develop a more positive outlook.


5) Meditate

Meditation can also be a useful tool for manifesting. There are plenty of YouTube channels and apps that you can use to guide your practice. Just make sure you have that intention at the forefront of your mind; make that the object of your meditation.


6) Script It

If you enjoy writing, then this is bound to become one of your go-to manifestation techniques.

Basically, scripting means writing out the story of what you’d like to manifest… but writing it in the first person, as though it’s something that’s already happened to you.


7) Start Small

One final tip: Manifesting takes time and practice. In order to get some wind in your sails, start by manifesting something relatively small. It could be as simple as finding heart rock, that tells you you’re heading in the right direction. Then, once you get confidence, build up to something a little more substantial.


Adopt a More Positive Mindset


Manifestation can be a powerful way to cultivate positivity, and to make your goals more achievable. 

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