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7 Productivity Hacks to Improve Your Workflow

We all want to be more productive. Both in our personal lives and on the job. Productivity is really a demonstration of a well-functioning brain and inner calm. Two people offered the same to-do list will function quite differently if:

One of them has had better sleep.
One of them is feeling calm and confident.

One of them applies some good productivity hacks.
One of them knows how to stay positive.

Let’s see, today, how a few simple productivity hacks could improve your workflow, help you with time management, and make you more productive for a day you can be proud of. Plus, we’ll show you how CBD for focus can make all the difference!


Key Points

  • The difference between being busy and being productive.
  • 7 ways you can improve your productivity at work.
  • How CBD can help you to be more productive.


Productivity Tip #1 – Use CBD for Focus

One of the greatest things about CBD is that it has the ability to pass the blood brain barrier, thus affecting your brain and how it works. By using the endocannabinoid system in your body, CBD can use signaling pathways to communicate with your bodily systems, tissues, and organs, including your brain.

And one of the most common effects of CBD is that it seems to help people be more calm and think more clearly. For reasons we don’t fully understand – CBD seems to help people feel more productive and calm.

Consider a daily CBD regimen that supports your sleep, your physical and mental wellness, and your ability to think, create, do, and achieve great things!


  • Broad spectrum CBD oil is a good place to start. This vegan option has a delicious peppermint flavor!
  • Some people may prefer the full spectrum for an extra measure of calm and even more sleep support.
  • Consider a roll-on if pain is keeping you from a productive day at work.

CBD for focus is a good way to ensure your brain is ready for a great work day and clear thinking that helps you stay on top of all your tasks for the day.

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Productivity Tip #2 – Get the Sleep Your Body Needs

Sleep is essential for a fresh mind that can stay focused, for muscles that stay relaxed and responsive, for quick cognition, memory, and decision making. Without sleep, your body and mind’s response to stress is also amplified – making your workdays tough!

For some people, full spectrum CBD oils can provide that extra measure of calm and relaxation, helping them get good, sound sleep. Falling asleep, especially after a stressful day at work, can be even more challenging. Try a melatonin supplement, as well, if falling asleep is difficult for you. Increase your daily productivity simply by making the most of those night time zzz’s.


Productivity Tip #3 – Develop a Routine You Love

Let’s look at some non-CBD related productivity hacks that will transform your work days from slow and sluggish and stressful – to you slaying your work routine.

You can make your entire workday go more smoothly by developing routines that you love.


  1. Create a morning playlist that gets you out of bed and ready to tackle your day! Put energizing songs on it that fire you up and get your mind excited about your day. (We recommend dancing in the mornings too – just for good measure!)

  2. Develop a lunchtime routine that helps you reset your mind and ready yourself for the afternoon’s work. Read a book for fun! Take a walk! Look forward to chatting with a coworker! Enjoying your lunch routines gives you that midday break your mind really needs for those long afternoons of work.

  3. Develop a routine for bedtime that helps you prioritize your sleep. Power down the devices an hour before bed and maybe get in a little pre-sleep meditation. 


Time management is more than just managing your to-do tasks, but also how you manage your downtime. All the productivity hacks in the world won’t matter if you aren’t organized, focused, and ready for work! Fun routines can help your mind have something each day to look forward to – and this helps improve your workflow. 


Productivity Tip #4 – Improve Your Confidence

Nothing compares to a worker who is confident and can make confident decisions. Imagine you think through a problem, then rethink it all, make a decision (finally) and then rethink the whole thing over again. The person in the next desk over, confident and secure in their skills and abilities, makes the same choice in half the time, then moves right onto the next task.

If you’re having trouble doing this…perhaps it’s time to bolster your confidence!

  • Get some therapy if there are traumas and poor internal messaging that is keeping you from being your best self!
  • Improve your skills! Courses, classes, training – these can all make you better at what you do, increasing your confidence in your own abilities on the job. Keep trying and learn through the experience of action. Be willing to fail, failure is part of success. Failure means you’re trying and learning through the experience itself.
  • Do confidence-building tasks. Challenge yourself and see what you’re capable of. You might just be surprised at what you can do. When you accomplish something new – celebrate and be proud of those efforts. You aren’t where you used to be, right? You’ve grown as a person and employee, right? Celebrate where you’re going rather than lamenting on past short-comings or errors. All you can do is your best, and you can always be working to elevate your best!
  • Mantras! Develop some mantras that pump up your spirit and make you feel confident. Post them in areas where you will see them and remember to keep your internal talk positive.
  • Create a list of non-negotiable tasks that are actions towards your goal. Make the list small and attainable, this builds confidence and results at the same time. This must be followed through or you will feel worse. So make it attainable and be accountable to you. Do this for a minimum of 30 days, completing the monotonous tasks daily and you will start to have confidence in yourself and the promises you make to you. You won’t want to stop as you will see how good you feel. You may want to evaluate and add or drop tasks as you evolve.

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Productivity Tip #5 – Be Productive – Not Just BUSY

This one is a BIG productivity hack – improve your workflow by learning the difference between busyness and productivity. It’s something that highly productive people know and you should too. Busyness is NOT the same thing as productivity. Look at it this way:

Being busy = Doing stuff.

Being productive = Accomplishing stuff.

Anyone can look busy, act busy, or get sidetracked by useless or meaningless tasks. Ask yourself – What is this activity accomplishing? Am I just staying busy? Or am I actually getting something meaningful done?

Measure your time involved against the outcome. Highly successful people are really good at this. Not only are they more productive, but they find ways to minimize, eliminate, or delegate meaningless tasks so they can focus on the most important things. This helps you excel at time management and also at getting all of your priority tasks done.


Productivity Tip #6 – Let Sounds Inspire Your Brain

There have been many studies on how music affects the brain and productivity. Some focus on certain types of music – like classical music – as a way to improve cognitive performance. Nature sounds, background soft white noise, or meditation music on a loop – find out what sounds work best for your productivity. 


Sensory stimulation can work to either stress you, raise your alertness, or distract you from your work…or it settles the mind, gets you in a “work zone” of productivity, and makes your day far more productive. Try a few different types of music and don’t forget to try something new.

  • You may never listen to classical music – but find it helps you concentrate at work.
  • You may think that listening to rain sounds is boring or depressing – but find it helps you stay focused on your work.
  • You may love pop music – but find that you sing along or get too distracted from your work.


Try something new like jazz, Native American flute, Zen-style or meditative sounds, or even pink or white noise. You can get a small sound machine or Alexa device to play it softly at your desk or use a pair of headphones. Before long, you’ll be ticking off those to-do checkboxes one by one!


Productivity Tip #7 – Manage Your Stress Levels

In order for you to have a productive workday, you have to manage the stress that keeps you distracted and that clouds your mind with nervous synapses, keeping your hands a little shaky and your heart feeling heavy or racing. Stress can ruin your workday.

Increase your productivity by learning some new stress management techniques that work for you:

  • Try meditation.
  • Take brief walks or breaks throughout your workday.
  • Create some mantras or a list of smaller goals that help you focus on the positive.
  • Or try some of these tips!

If you’re really struggling with your stress levels, don’t be afraid to ask for a little help. Talk with  your doctor about whether CBD could help you to better manage the stress you are feeling.


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Asé Pure Naturals for Your Best Work Ever

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