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Business as Usual? Should Your Company Allow Employees to Use CBD?


There’s a reasonably strong chance that CBD has already infiltrated your workplace. That’s because more and more people are turning to CBD oil or CBD gummies with the hope of achieving holistic pain relief, natural stress reduction, and other potential benefits. Given the increased popularity of CBD, it stands to reason that at least some of your employees are already taking supplements after work hours, if not using CBD in the actual office.

Given this reality, it’s important for employers to be intentional in crafting their own workplace CBD policies, perhaps in conjunction with HR. As you consider your own approach to CBD in the workplace, here are a few things to keep in mind.


Start with Education

How much do you know about CBD? If you’re a devotee to CBD oils or edibles, then you probably have a pretty good sense of how taking CBD can affect the mind and body. But if you’re a total CBD novice, it may be beneficial to study up.

A little bit of CBD education can ensure that you don’t have any misconceptions about how this hemp product works, and that any policies you develop are clear-eyed and data driven.


Consider the Effects of CBD

As you research the effects of CBD, you’ll find that it’s really not going to compromise employee performance at all. After all, CBD does not induce a high, and it does not impair the cognitive functioning of the person taking it.

If anything, taking CBD could improve an employee’s performance, or at least their morale. This is particularly true of those who suffer from anxiety or from chronic pain, and who take CBD as a way to potentially alleviate these symptoms. For these employees, having the freedom to take CBD in the workplace may actually empower them to do their work with less distraction.


Think About Drug Testing

As you craft a CBD policy for your workplace, one thing you’ll want to account for is drug testing. If your company requires any kind of drug testing, it’s worth noting that some CBD products may result in employees failing.

Though not a likely outcome, it’s something you’ll want to account for. Many drug tests do not screen for THC, and besides, CBD products contain fairly little, if any, THC. With that said, even a faint trace of THC could potentially trigger a positive test.


Consult the Law

Another element of this conversation is legality. 

For example, if you run a business in a state that has medical marijuana laws, you may have a legal obligation to accommodate employees whose underlying conditions prompt their CBD use.

It’s also worth noting that it’s legally permitted for your employees to buy CBD products that are made from industrial hemp. So, while CBD use is not in and of itself illegal, there are some nuances and complexities you’ll want to be aware of in crafting your policies.


Provide Training and Transparency

If you decide to make CBD use allowable in your workplace, you’ll want to make sure that all managers and supervisors are well-trained on what your policies state. They should also know how to respond when employees defend a failed drug test by claiming CBD use.

Finally, make sure that any CBD policies you have are clearly communicated to everyone in your company. This is a good item to address in your employee handbook, ensuring that there is never any uncertainty over what is and isn’t allowed in the workplace.



CBD Quality MattersIf you do have employees who use CBD in the workplace, it may be in everyone’s best interests for you to encourage them to seek quality products. Specifically, those buying CBD should always choose reputable brands that back their products with third-party test results.

Asé Pure Naturals more than fits the bill. We’d love to provide you with more information about our company, our inventory, and our rigorous standards for delivering the best tasting, all-natural, organic, and vegan CBD products on the market. Contact us whenever you’re ready to learn more about high-quality CBD oil tinctures, gummies, and other products.

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