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Can CBD Get You in Trouble?

Many first time CBD consumers worry: Can CBD get you in trouble? They’ve heard about stories like American athlete Brittney Griner who is currently facing a decade of jail time in a Russian prison after being detained for carrying cannabis oil while on a trip to Russia. These stories put fear into the heart of anyone who uses or travels with CBD oils, although Griner was not carrying CBD oil but a higher-potency cannabis oil.

We’re going to address some of the ways CBD might cause legal or regulatory issues and how you can avoid getting into trouble with your CBD. It’s a lot less complicated or threatening as you may think. So, before you buy – read this!


Key Points

  • Can CBD get you in trouble? We’ll discuss some of the issues you may run into while having or using CBD oil products – and how you can avoid those potential risks.
  • Which products are most controversial? – You’ll want to see our comments on what products are the most and least controversial.
  • Our recommendations for you to stay safe and stay legal with all of your CBD oil products


Is CBD legal? Is CBD Illegal? (Where You Live)

Your first responsibility as a CBD oil consumer is to research the CBD laws for your country and state. While the 2018 Farm Bill made CBD oil products made from hemp legal (with certain stipulations) some states have differing stances on certain types of CBD oil or CBD oil ingredients. 


Check to be sure that:

  • CBD oil is legal where you live.
  • CBD components like THC or certain types of THC are legal where you live.
  • That you buy any CBD oils from a reputable company like Asé Pure Naturals.
  • You avoid CBD dealers like you find in the gas station, companies that do not have QR codes linked to third party testing with high standards for quality control, not all CBD is made the same and it’s worth paying for quality. 


Can CBD Make You Fail a Drug Test?

The short and honest answer is yes. Here’s what you need to know:


  • Some drug testing checks for any ingredient that contains cannabis – This means that broad spectrum, full spectrum, or any type of CBD edible could cause a positive drug test because the tests are super sensitive and check for all parts of the cannabis plant, even those that have absolutely no ability to cause a psychoactive high in the user.

  • Most drug testing checks for THC, the high-producing component in cannabis. For these types of tests, a full spectrum CBD oil that contains THC may produce a positive drug test result.

  • Non-oral CBD products such as our CBD Roll-On Muscle gel are not likely  to cause a positive drug test because they are not taken internally.

  • If you are concerned about drug testing, a broad spectrum CBD oil is a better choice for you.


Can CBD oil get you fired?

This is another legitimate concern for CBD oil users – Can CBD oil get you fired from your job or organization? And there’s not an easy or straightforward answer that suits every circumstance. As a consumer, you have to check with the organizations of which you are a member to see what their restrictions are on CBD oil use.

You’ll want to clear CBD use with your employer, athletic organization and coaching staff, and for any other organizations. For example, medical staff and military members are often banned from using any kind of CBD oil product.

  1. Ask about CBD oils and if you are allowed to take them.

  2. Ask if some CBD oils are ok while others are not. You may not be able to use any CBD oil products, with or without THC. You may not be allowed to take internal CBD but topical CBD oil products are ok. Or, you may be able to use broad spectrum CBD oil but not the full spectrum kind.

  3. Make sure it’s ok for you to have any type of CBD oil product on site – For example, if you want to carry your CBD oil products to work with you. Follow any organizational restrictions and requirements.

Asking these questions ahead of time may help you to avoid conflict with your employer or organization should you have drug testing to consider. Your employer may also be more lenient if you were to provide a doctor’s note stating that they recommend you use CBD oil products for your health and wellness.


What CBD Oil Products Are Most Controversial (And Why?)

Some CBD oil products are more controversial and may face tighter restrictions.

If your CBD oils are produced from marijuana rather than hemp, they may have THC levels that are too high for them to be legally compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill (the federal level of legislation for CBD) and may put you at risk for being non-compliant with the law. You don’t have to worry about this with Asé Pure Naturals products as all of our CBD oil is sourced from federally legal organic industrial hemp.

If you choose to purchase Delta 8 THC products then you may face tighter restrictions where you live. Delta 8 THC is considered a synthetic type of THC because most of it is produced in a laboratory setting. None of our products use Delta 8, we only use Delta 9, which is naturally grown and non synthetic. We pride ourselves on natural quality and choose not to use synthetic blends.

If you choose to use full spectrum CBD products, then there will be small amounts of THC in your product. Make sure it is ok with your doctor first, then with your organizations, as we outlined before.

The least controversial CBD oils products to use are the topical ones (like the muscle gel roll-on) because you put them on your skin and not into your body.


Our Tips to Stay Safe and Legal with CBD Oil 

We mentioned purchasing from a reputable company like Asé Pure Naturals. Aside from knowing the legal requirements where you live, purchasing from a reputable company like ours is very important for you to avoid getting into trouble with your CBD products. This is because reputable CBD oil companies like ours work really hard to keep our products compliant with the law and also to keep the quality superior and natural. 

We believe Mother Nature knows best – and chemically altering CBD or other cannabinoids is not the way to better health. You can be confident using Asé Pure Naturals Products because we put your health (and the law!) first.


Stay Tuned to Asé Pure Naturals

Thanks for reading today on Can CBD get you in trouble? We felt this was an important topic to cover for our users who are worried – Is CBD legal?  We want you to know that you are not alone on your CBD journey to better health. Please check out our other blog posts which can help you to select the right CBD oil for you and show you how to use it for greater health and wellness in your life.


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