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CBD and Sex: Do CBD Products Improve Your Sex Life?

Asé Pure Naturals answers your burning questions about CBD and sex!

Alright CBD fans and the CBD-curious – this is the blog you’ve been waiting for. It’s time we talk about your sex life. Yes, your sex life

If you’ve been hearing anything at all about CBD and sex, it’s been a bit hush hush. Why is this? Why aren’t we all talking about CBD and sex, about ways to improve your sex life, and answering your burning question – can CBD help sexually?

We think it’s worth discussing, don’t you?

Well, here at Asé Pure Naturals, we don’t shy away from the steamy questions. We get down and dirty and look for answers. Sex shouldn’t be any more taboo a topic than CBD can sometimes be…and if it is we’d like to change that.

Key Points We’ll Discuss Today

  • Questions about CBD and sex drive
  • How a healthy sex life benefits you in many ways
  • Key ways to improve your sex life
  • Does CBD help sexually? What’s the connection between CBD and sex?
  • How to use CBD and sex improvement strategies for combined wellness goals 


CBD and Sex Drive

Low sex drive can be improved by making healthier lifestyle choices. WebMD recommends that you improve your diet, get regular exercise, get enough sleep, cut down on the alcohol, and work to reduce stress.

Because we know that CBD can help with some of these, it can be thought that indirectly, CBD can help remove common dampers to your healthy sex drive.

For example, using CBD products to support a healthy sleep cycle, therefore helping you to get better sleep, can indirectly help you to feel better sexually. When you get the sleep your body needs you feel better, perform better, and yes, this can help you in the bedroom.

Similarly, CBD can help promote a sense of calm which can help to combat the daily stressors that keep you distracted. To feel sexually energized, it helps to relieve some of the pressure and stresses you face each day. Most people feel more sexually open when they don’t have tons of other things on their minds. It also helps to relax your body and mind so that sex can be more pleasurable for you.


CBD, CBD Receptors, and Sexual Function

It’s also important to note that the same CBD receptors in your endocannabinoid system (ECS) which allow your body to process and use CBD are also present in your sexual organs and tissues. When you take CBD internally, it is processed through these receptors throughout your body. These receptors give your body the ability to use CBD and other cannabinoids to help support your bodily functions and boost your mood, both of which could be helpful to those seeking a more pleasurable sex life. (That and a little sensual mood-setting and perhaps a good quality lubricant.)

Another factor to consider is this: Very much in the same way CBD supports your body before, during, and after exercise, it helps to remember that sex is very much an exercise! So, the link between CBD and sex drive or sexual performance is similar to the link between CBD and exercise.


CBD and Sex Both Work Toward Health and Wellness Goals

For many of the reasons you want a healthier and more pleasurable sex life, many people also want improved wellness, to be more physically active, and to find mood support so that they can navigate all the daily stresses of life. This is where CBD comes into the conversation. From CBD tinctures, to CBD softgels, to a helpful CBD roll-on for your muscles, CBD can help to support your health and wellness goals.

So, while you work to improve your sex life, you may find that many of the same things that help your sex life also helps you to acheive other health and wellness goals. It makes sense, then, that people would want to try CBD as a way to relax or enhance their sensual moods. And sex has been long studied as a way of improving quality of life. Try pairing CBD with your other efforts to improve the quality and frequency of your sexual activities and you may find greater overall wellness that adds to the quality of your life, physically mentally, and yes, sexually.


A Healthy Sex Life Is Good for You

Did you know that a healthy sex life is actually good for your health? I mean, it really is good for you! Check out these sexy stats that might change your mind about getting a little more action in the bedroom (or kitchen or wherever – no judgement here!):

“Higher rates of sexual activity are linked to positive changes, such as lower blood pressure, reduced stress, greater intimacy, and even a lower divorce rate.”– says VeryWell Mind.

Sex releases oxytocin, the “love hormone” which can lead to better sleep or reduce common pains like a headache. Healthline goes into more detail on this.

CNN reports that sex boosts mood, relieves stress, improves intimacy, helps strengthen your heart and burns calories. What’s there not to like about any of that?


Tips to Help Improve Your Sex Life

Improving your sex life is not a one-and-done process. It involves a lot of smaller lifestyle and health choices that work together to make you feel more confident and sexually comfortable. Here are some of the things you can start doing to increase the likelihood of sexual interest and to make your sex life a priority.

    • See your doctor. Low libido can be a medical issue. It could also be a mental health concern. Your doctor can advise you on what can be done physically or if you need to pursue mental health counseling to get your sex life back in the hot seat.
    • Also discuss any sexual health concerns or performance problems with your doctor.
    • Practice intimacy outside the bedroom. Improving communication, physical touch, and closeness with your partner can trickle into the bedroom.
    • Relax! – Oftentimes sexual avoidance can be a sign of stress. This is one area where CBD and sex conjoin. One requires a certain level of comfort and relaxation – and the other can help provide it.
    • Set the mood – Not only are we sexual beings, we are emotional ones as well. We react to our environment in emotional ways. Knowing this, you can set the mood by lighting candles, or taking a bath, or doing a little yoga, whatever makes you feel sexy and confident.
    • If you know that your CBD product of choice makes you feel better and more relaxed, consider a pre-sex mini serving to help ease into sexual activity. 

And the Big Question – Does CBD help sexually?

While scientific studies are certainly lacking in this area, many people feel CBD helps them feel more calm and gives a sense of wellness in their lives. Both of these things can be important to you if you are experiencing low libido. When you feel better – you feel better, right?

A few of the CBD benefits could indirectly help you with your sex life because they help you to feel better overall. Consider these questions:

If you have lots of pain after the gym and this is putting a damper on your sex life, what if that discomfort is eased by CBD use post work out?

If you are always “too tired” for sex and begin to prioritize your sleep, working in a regular CBD regimen each night and start sleeping better…won’t you feel more rested? Might you have more energy for sex if you were well rested and feeling your best?

What about stress, in general? If you are wound up so tight that you can’t relax and just enjoy some alone time with your partner – might it help if you were on a regular CBD regimen and began to feel more calm?

So, while we can’t say – here take this and you’ll feel like a sexy beast! – we can say it can help you to feel more like your best self, sexy and all. You can try the CBD tinctures (Broad Spectrum or Full Spectrum) or the CBD softgels (Full Spectrum) as a regular regimen, and/or use the CBD Muscle roll-on to help with sore muscles. 

Tips for CBD and Sex

  • Use Broad Spectrum CBD as a daily regimen for better calm and wellness in your life.
  • Use Full Spectrum CBD in the evenings or as a supplemental serving of CBD with the added THC to enhance mood and offer even more relaxation.
  • Sore muscles during or after sex? Kiss those goodbye with this mood-saving fix! It’s a whole lot easier to get your sexy on when you don’t have a Charlie horse gripping your leg from the exertion! If you can’t reach that spot on your back – it’s ok, your partner is there to help! *Wink wink*)

Asé Pure Naturals Wants Your “CBD and Sex” Reviews

Now, it’s your turn. We want your CBD and sex testimonials. Have you taken our CBD products and suddenly, you’re feeling your sexual best? Have you found the CBD benefits have boosted your sexual prowess? We want to know! Drop by our website and leave a review with your personal experiences.

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