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CBD and Sustainable Sourcing: Here’s How We Keep it Green

Because green is always better!

Earth Day 2022 just whizzed right on by us. Did you plant any trees? Make a trip through your house and scribble down some notes about how you can reduce your carbon footprint? It seems silly for us to celebrate Earth Day only once each year, don’t you think? Because each and every day that we live should be Earth Day. Afterall, this is our home. 

Wellness living, in and of itself, cannot be a full picture of environmental responsibility, we think, so we work hard to make sure we apply green business practices wherever we can. It’s our way to care about your wellness without sacrificing our Earth’s wellness.

Today, we thought we’d share a little more about what we’re doing on our end to keep you safe, keep the planet safe, and practice responsible sourcing as a supplier of superior CBD products. Because, we believe, every little thing we do adds up to create positive impacts for our consumers and our planet.

Key Initiatives

  • Keeping it organic with how we grow and source our hemp derivatives
  • Keeping it green without chemical solvent extraction methods
  • Using biodegradable products for our demos and shipping

How We Work With Cannabis Growers 

To begin, sustainable sourcing begins with responsible and careful growing practices. This extends to where we grow our hemp to how we grow our hemp to what farmers we choose to partner with to produce the highest quality hemp we can grow.

We believe this means working with certain bottom lines. Here are our non-negotiables and how we insist on doing business.


Sustainable Sourcing Practices at Asé Pure Naturals

  • We use outdoor-grown hemp. Natural, sunny temperatures and fresh air, we feel, are the best practices for happy plants and healthy hemp.
  • We follow USA organic farming practices. This means you won’t find any pesticide residues floating around in your CBD oil. None there – means none going into your body!
  • All our hemp is grown right here in the USA where US farmers get our business. Aside from our ethical reasons for this – hemp grown in the USA means hemp that is regulated and lives up to the US’s higher standards of production. We love our American farmers and appreciate all they do to provide natural USA-grown hemp!
  • We produce our products in a CGMP and FDA certified facility. This means that all of our high-quality CBD products are produced, tested, and bottled in a facility that follows the Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations enforced by the FDA.

CBD Eco-Friendly Sustainable Sourcing from Hemp

How you grow the hemp is one thing, but extracting the cannabinoids from that hemp with sustainable sourcing methods is also important. Hemp is a bioaccumulator so organic growing helps to keep the hemp healthy. We use a clean extraction method to ensure purity of our final CBD products without causing unnecessary damage to our environment.

What Is a Bioaccumulator?

A bioaccumulator is a particular plant or organism that absorbs chemicals from the environment in which they live or grow at a rate that is faster than the rate at which they excrete them. This means that whatever they are exposed to as they grow becomes accumulated within the plant materials and increases in concentration.

Because hemp is a bioaccumulator, we must keep the hemp growing in the most natural environment possible and take excellent care of our hemp fields. (Thank you, again, to our fantastic American farmers for keeping our organic hemp healthy and thriving!)


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What Is the CO2  Extraction Method?

The CO2 extraction method is currently the most eco-friendly and superior extraction method for extracting CBD and other cannabinoids from hemp.

The hemp plants are placed into a chamber and then treated with supercritical CO2 to extract the plant materials. This is the preferred method over treating our hemp with chemical solvents to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes. Because CO2 extraction is cleaner, you get a more pure and clean final result. 

supercritical CO2 – Carbon dioxide that is between a gas and liquid state.

The process involves multiple chambers. The supercritical CO2 is exposed to various temperatures and pressures, funneled into the chamber with the hemp which separates plant matter into oils and then both are pumped to another chamber. Basically, science is used rather than a bunch of chemical solvents that could impact the wellness factor of the final product. CO2 extraction, then, produces a product in line with our environmental and health and wellness standards.

With no toxic residues, high concentrations and the overall safety of the extraction method, CO2 extraction is the preferred method. – Mercury News


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How We Incorporate Green Practices When We Can

We travel a lot with our products to introduce them to potential clients or distributors, and attend conferences where we demonstrate the superior quality of our CBD oils. We try to keep plastic out of these activities wherever possible. We also ship our products all over the United States so our packaging methods also could make a big environmental impact. 

  • We use biodegradable packing peanuts for packaging and shipping.
  • We opt for sustainable wooden spoons, paper cups, and paper bags for our demos to eliminate the need for plastic alternatives. 


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For More About Wellness Living for You AND Our Planet Earth

It’s not easy choosing the right CBD company that represents your heart. We believe that our green efforts line up with the wellness purpose of our CBD company, but, as we learn more about what we can do better – we will! 


Thank you for reading today. We hope you’ll take a look at our wide selection of premium CBD products, try them, and feel good knowing you are on the green side of CBD. Welcome to the Asé family!

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