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CBD Gift Basket Ideas for the Holidays

Asé Pure Naturals with gift basket ideas to bring wellness to your holiday gift-giving.

As the holidays are fast approaching, we thought some fun and thoughtful CBD gift basket ideas could help you check off some names on your holiday shopping list. Gift baskets are fun to make and personalize and anyone can do it. (Even you!) 

We’ve got 3 themed gift ideas that are sure to lift the spirits of your loved ones this holiday season. 

Gift Basket Ideas We’ll Share Today

  • An athletic-themed CBD gift basket for the physically active people on your holiday gift list.
  • A stress-busting CBD gift basket for those on your list who need calming support.
  • A self-care CBD gift basket for the people on your shopping list who need a little pampering.

Why a CBD Gift Basket?

CBD is all about health and wellness. What greater gift to give those you care about? For any adult on your shopping list, think about their lifestyle and how a CBD gift basket could help them to take better care of themselves or meet their own health and wellness goals. And this isn’t just for the athletes or gym-goers on your list. It’s for busy people, stressed people, people who seem to always have it together or people who navigate life “by the seat of their pants.” 

CBD can help your loved ones to feel more calm, reach their health and wellness goals, get better sleep, and level-up their self care. We think CBD-themed gift baskets are a festive and caring way to give the gift of wellness this holiday season.

What You’ll Need for Each Gift Basket Idea

Putting together a gift basket isn’t only for the Martha Stewart types. Anyone can do it with a little direction and planning. You’ll choose items for the basket, a container, and presentation. This will help to get you started:

  • Choose 3-5 items to go in your basket. They should all fit into a “theme” for the basket. It helps if the items look good together. Don’t select an awkwardly large or irregular shaped item as it will throw off the balance of the basket.
  • At least one personalized item like a hand-written card or a personalized mug, a  hand-crafted item that fits the theme, or something with their name on it.

  • Choose a color scheme. Look at the items you’ve selected for the basket and choose a color that matches to use for your overall basket theme. Prepare some type of bedding (like paper shavings, for example) and matching ribbons, a gift card, and a clear or colored cellophane wrap to bind your basket. The wrapping is optional if you’d like to keep your basket more on the natural-looking and eco-friendly side.


Athletic Theme CBD Gift Basket

For the athlete, the gym fanatics, or for those on your list who plan to make their New Year’s Resolutions all about weight loss or getting back in shape – the Athlete CBD Gift Basket is perfect! It includes full spectrum tincture for that daily CBD regimen, full spectrum softgels for on the go, and a CBD muscle gel roll on for those post-workout aches.

CBD Items for This Basket

Other Items to Round-Out This Theme

  • A DIY jar of after-workout soaking salts: Mix equal parts coarse sea salt with Epsom salts into a kitchen bowl. Add a few drops of essential oils of your choice. Stir and place into a small decorative jar.
  • A pair of athletic socks, we know runners like wool.
  • A muscle percussion tool
  • Stretch rope 
  • Small foam roller 
  • A personalized water bottle or tote bag for carrying athletic must-haves.


Stress-Busting CBD Gift Basket

For anyone on your list with a lot of stress in their life, this themed gift basket can help to lower the pressure and generate more calm. With full spectrum CBD products to help with calm and sleep, a CBD muscle-gel for those stress-induced aches and pains, and a few thoughtful inserts and this stress-busting basket can go to work for your loved one.

CBD Items for This Basket

Suggested Additions for This Gift

  • A personalized mug with an assortment of relaxing and immunity teas.
  • A lavender-scented candle.
  • A therapeutic journal and decorative pen.
  • A meditation pillow 
  • A warm cozy blanket


Self-Care CBD Gift Basket

A self-care themed gift basket is perfect for any of the adults on your list. Give wellness with CBD broad spectrum tinctures for tailored daily CBD care and some CBD full spectrum softgels for on-the-go or nighttime care to help with more calm and better sleep. Remind your loved one to take great care of themselves each day with this caring, personal wellness gift.

CBD Items for This Basket

Additional Self-Care Add-Ins

  • A lavender-scented hand cream.
  • An indulgent face mask.
  • Scented soaps or nail polishes that match the theme color of your basket.
  • Something personal like a sleep mask, personalized pajamas, a pair of slippers, or a favorite book they’ve been wanting.


Preparing Your Gift Basket

Step 1: Prepare the products

Now that you have all of the items gathered, it’s time to put together your themed gift basket. First, remove all tags, boxes (you can leave them boxed, if preferred), or pricing information from the items that will go into your basket. If there are directions-for-use papers that may help the recipient, these can go into the bottom of the basket beneath the bedding – just be sure to let the recipient know to look for them. If those papers are decorative cards then you may choose to slip them in between the display of gifts.

No need to wrap the items. Gift baskets work better when the items are visible.

Step 2: Prepare the container

Once the items are ready, take the container you’ve chosen and layer the bottom with decorative bedding. It should come up about ¾ of the cavity of the container so that the gift items are pleasantly visible when placed inside.

Step 3: Arrange the items

Arrange the gift items in such a way that it is aesthetically pleasing. More bedding can be used to be sure some items stand up better or higher so that the overall look is pleasing. Add in a creative personalized touch with a card or personal note. (These look nice if the recipient’s name is written in script or calligraphy on the card.)

Step 4: Presentation

The last thing you will do is wrap the gift basket and add decorative ribbons or bows. If you choose to use a cellophane wrap, place the gift basket on top of the cellophane and make sure when you cut the cellophane that there’s enough to fully stretch around and to the top of the basket with enough room to spare for tying off with ribbon. 

If you want, just before closing this up at the top and adding all those pretty ribbons you can add some decorative tinsel or confetti sprinkled inside the gift.


CBD Gift Baskets Say You Care

Share a gift of wellness this holiday season with that special someone on your shopping list. Whether they’re an athlete, a busy working parent, or if they always seem to be stressed or overwhelmed, you can give a supportive gift that helps them to prioritize their health and wellness. With an Asé Pure Naturals CBD gift basket you can give a very clear message to your loved ones: I care about how you feel. 



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