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CBD tinctures: How to Take Your Tinctures

Asé Pure Naturals makes taking CBD tinctures easy and tasty!

Now that you’ve got a bottle of CBD tincture, you may be staring at it wondering where to start. There’s a lot to learn about CBD tinctures, but to get you started, let’s talk about what to do with that shiny, pretty bottle of here’s-to-my-health!

Don’t worry – it’s easy!

Key Points

  • What are CBD tinctures?
  • What are the CBD benefits you can get from taking CBD tinctures?
  • How to take your CBD tinctures properly for best results

What Are CBD Tinctures?

CBD tinctures sound a bit strange, but it’s really simple. They are a carrier oil like MCT oil, infused goodies from hemp plants. Don’t panic…it is not the same thing as smoking marijuana and you don’t get the “high” often associated with smoking or consuming marijuana. 

It turns out, the Cannabis sativa plant has lots of other natural compounds that we can take to support our health and wellness. Things like cannabinoids: CBD and sometimes CBN and CBG, as well as terpenes, all from the same industrial hemp plants. These natural compounds are infused into the MCT carrier oil to make it easier for us to take. This mixture is called a tincture.


CBD Tinctures & Types of CBD Tinctures

There are generally two types of CBD tinctures. You’ll need to read the full ingredients list of any CBD tincture you are considering to see the different cannabinoids and terpenes, and possibly THC that are included. If THC is included in the formula, less than .3% as allowable by law, then it is considered a Hemp derived Full Spectrum CBD. If your product says Broad Spectrum CBD then the formula selectively eliminates the THC. Sometimes there are trace amounts of THC but at undetectable and untraceable levels.


Here at Asé Pure Naturals, we have several CBD tincture options for you:

Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures 900 mg

Full Spectrum Tinctures Bundle 900 mg 3-pack
Broad Spectrum CBD Tinctures 900 mg

Broad Spectrum Tinctures Bundle 900 mg 3-pack

Because we opt to have all 900 mg strengths, it is so much easier for you to choose which one you want to use. Then it is a matter of deciding on what serving size and CBD regimen of taking your tinctures is best for your body and your lifestyle.


Choose the Right CBD Tincture for You

  1. Choose between Broad Spectrum CBD and Full Spectrum CBD. It helps to ask your doctor which they think might be best for your health and wellness needs.

  2. Choose a CBD strength based on your size and body composition. (We make it easy by having all 900 mg, but there are many strengths of CBD on the market.)

  3. Begin with a serving size recommended by the manufacturer (or doctor) and you can make adjustments to the serving size after your body has a few weeks to get used to the product.


How to Take CBD Tinctures: Step By Step 

Taking your CBD tinctures is really easy, though the measuring can take a bit of getting used to. CBD comes in many flavors and some of them can be a bit earthy or even grassy-tasting. To make it a more pleasant experience for you, here at Asé Pure Naturals, we formulate our CBD tinctures with a refreshing minty flavor. That way you can enjoy it right out of the dropper or add it to your morning beverage of choice. Mint goes great in coffee and tea! 

Taking CBD Tinctures from the Dropper

Step One 

Give your bottle of CBD tinctures a little shake to make sure the product is mixed well if this is a suggestion by the manufacturer. 

Step Two 

Using the dropper, squeeze out anything in the dropper then lower the dropper into the bottle and let go of the plunger so it sucks up the product into the dropper. Reading the hash lines on the dropper, squeeze out any extra until you get the proper amount for your serving. You can also use a counting method and simply count the drops as they go into your mouth but this may be a bit more difficult if you are using more than a few drops.

Step Three 

Using the dropper, squeeze the plunger to release the drops underneath your tongue. Do not touch the dropper to any part of your skin or mouth. Let the drops sit beneath your tongue for 30 seconds, then swallow. Easy peasy!


Taking CBD Tinctures In a Beverage

Follow steps one and two as outlined above.

Step Three 

Squeeze the contents of the dropper into your beverage. Make sure to drink the full beverage. Do not add more CBD tincture to subsequent cups of your beverage or mix it into a larger container of your beverage like the tea pot of brewed tea. You want to be sure you get ONE serving with your beverage.


Recommended Time Schedule for Taking Your CBD Tinctures

Most people take one serving in the morning and one serving in the hour before bed. You can take an additional serving or micro-serving before certain events such as:

  • A stressful social event
  • Before or after a workout
  • If you are having a particularly difficult time sleeping

Asé Pure Naturals Makes Taking CBD Tinctures Easy and Delicious

Using these simple instructions you’re ready to break the seal on your new bottle of CBD oil. Taking your CBD tinctures is a great step in the right direction for meeting your health and wellness goals. 

Thanks for reading today and stay tuned for more CBD tips and tricks to help you transform your life!  We’d love to hear your story and how CBD is helping you reach your goals. Reach out on Facebook or Linkedin, or email us any questions you have about our products.

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