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Could CBD Be an Ally for Injured Athletes?

Were you aware that sports and recreation-related injuries land approximately 4.2 million people in the emergency room each year?  And while the majority of that number tends to be centered around youth sports, a staggering 1.5 million adults find themselves worse for wear after participating in their favorite physical sport or hobby. 

And frankly speaking, it is a total bummer to be placed on the bench—no matter if you are a professional athlete or simply a weekend warrior. When you are accustomed to being active, participating in exercise, and engaging in competition, downtime due to injury is nothing more than a major setback. 

However, there could be a possible solution to treating sprains, strains, pulled muscles, and the like, allowing you to once again get up, get active, and get out there.  If you are an athlete, you may want to begin to consider the benefits of implementing CBD products in your training and recovery. 

Treating Athletic Injuries with CBD Oils and Topicals

As an athlete, it is likely that you give it your all during your training.  However, this too often leads to injuries and pain, especially when you overuse certain muscles and tissues. Any type of strain from overuse is directly related to inflammation. And until swelling goes down, there is no way to get back to running, lifting, cycling, swimming, or whatever activity it is that you love—at least not without risking further injury. 

At the same time, it is also likely that you are very conscious (once again as an athlete) on what types of supplements or medications you use to treat injuries and pain—and want to avoid popping pills or using other prescription drugs that could be addictive or harmful when taken in the long run. This is where CBD oils and topicals come into play. 

CBD—also known as cannabidiol—is a compound that is found in the cannabis plant. Know, though, that CBD does not contain THC, the part of the marijuana plant that results in a “high.” Rather, CBD provides all of the holistic, natural benefits associated with the cannabis plant, just without any psychoactive reaction. Most CBD oils have less than 0.3 percent THC—and what’s more is that CBD instinctively reacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is a naturally occurring part of each of our bodies. 

What to Know about the ECS

Every person’s body has the ability to make its own cannabinoids that influence and mitigate inflammation and pain. However, sometimes the ECS experiences a deficiency, and these cannabinoids are not present. Therefore, using CBD products can help trigger the ECS’ receptors and spur action. This, in turn, presents the potential for an anti-inflammatory effect to take place, minimizing pain and discomfort in injured or recovering athletes. 

If you engage in any type of athletic training or competition, you may want to try CBD as you recover from any of the following conditions: 

  • Everyday aches and pains resulting in overuse
  • Muscle spasms
  • Minor sprains and strains
  • Achilles’ tendonitis

CBD has the capability of triggering inflammatory responses and could help in the recovery process. Indeed, here at Asé Pure Naturals, our own CEO and Founder, Heather Jacoby, can attest to the efficacy of CBD products in athletic recovery. 

Recently, Heather completed her first 50K ultra-marathon trail race.  Prior to this, she had only ever run half marathons but wanted to rise to the challenge while also using her own CBD products during her training.  Specifically, she notes that she used Asé Pure Naturals’ proprietary Muscle Gel Roll On—a topical CBD agent that significantly soothed and treated her sore legs while she completed long runs during her training process and after the race itself. 

“The muscle gel roll on was a game changer for me.  When you are doing multiple 10, 15, and 20+ mile training runs, working up to the ultra-marathon itself, it is easy to get fatigued and sore, which can lead to injury,” stated Heather. “Using this CBD product definitely aided in my recovery and allowed me to stay on track with all of my training—and I know it was a key factor in me achieving the accomplishment of running a 50K on uneven and rocky terrain.”

CBD is Safe to Use as an Athlete

Finally, to calm a competitive athlete’s mind further about CBD products, know that CBD is completely safe, it is unlikely to interfere with any other medications you use, and using it will not disqualify you from any sport or competition.  Indeed, the World Anti-Doping Agency deemed that CBD is allowed and was removed from its prohibitive substances list in 2017.  Furthermore, world-leading athletes, including Megan Rapinoe, Rob Gronkowski, Mike Tyson, and Nate Diaz, amongst others, all report to depending on CBD in their training regimen and recovery processes.

Of course, the CBD professionals at Asé Pure Naturals always encourage our clients—no matter if they are an athlete or not—to consult with a healthcare provider if they are considering implementing CBD products into their health and wellness plans.  And if you are looking to treat a specific or serious injury, we advise you to ensure you are following your doctor’s orders to ensure a positive recovery. 

Asé Pure Naturals is committed to helping people realize the benefits that CBD products can offer, holistically, naturally, and organically. All of our products are 100% natural, gluten free, non-GMO, cruelty-free, vegan, and produced from organically grown hemp in Colorado. Plus, our products are third-party lab tested and manufactured in a GMP certified facility. We invite you to learn more about Asé Pure Naturals’ products and our mission by visiting us online.

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