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Does CBD Help With Cold and Flu Symptoms?

It’s that time of year again. No, not the holidays, (though, that’s nice) but the time of the year for cough, sore throat, common cold, flu, respiratory infection and illness, those nasty stomach bugs and everything in between. Despite our best efforts with nutrition and supplements. We all get sick from time to time. Symptoms often mean taking some time off to rest and an increase in supplements.

If you’ve been taking CBD for pain support or for inflammation, calm, sleep or other reasons…should you stop taking it since you’ve gotten sick? What about taking CBD with other medicine?

Today, we’re talking about what to do about taking CBD if you fall ill. So, grab your tissues, your comfy socks and blanket, and your cough drops — and let’s get right to it. 

CBD’s Benefits

CBD benefits might help your body while you’re fighting illness. Though CBD is not an FDA-approved medicine for most illnesses (while lots of studies are ongoing), anecdotally the results cant be denied,  it has supported people with some of the symptoms they’re experiencing, people have reported CBD has helped with body aches, some people prefer topical CBD while others use both topical CBD “for immediate relief” and ingestible CBD for more sustained pain relief, inflammation, sleep and an overall sense of calmness. 

Pain Support

Cannabidiol and other components of cannabis are well-known for pain support. In fact, pain is the most common reason people use CBD.

Think of the body aches associated with the common cold, fever, virus infections, or other illnesses your immune system may battle. Though research and evidence are far behind the anecdotal evidentiary reputation of these tiny cannabis components, many people will attest to how they feel less pain while they are on their CBD.

(See for yourself! Just read the reviews!)


Cannabinoids have a reputation as a natural and holistic approach to tempering inflammation. Cannabidiol (CBD) is the most common go-to cannabinoid from hemp for this type of anti-inflammatory support. CBD products aren’t FDA-approved for this type of application, but that doesn’t stop the millions of people who have seen the effects of cannabis components, first-hand.

Now, think of the inflammation your body is battling as the common cold virus or other pathogen is wreaking havoc on your body.

Calming Effects

We can’t say enough about the calming effects of cannabinoids, especially CBD and THC, which are both in the full spectrum CBD products — everything from the most well-known CBD oils to the less well-known (but highly loved!) products like CBD roll-on gel for relieving those awful muscle aches you get when you’re sick. Plus, getting sick is so stressful, whether it’s the common cold or something more serious. You worry about who will take out the dog or feed the kids, when you will get back to work, whether or not you’ll get sicker and have to go to the hospital, and importantly, whether or not you’ll get your loved ones sick. Those worries take a toll on your mind and body. CBD can help calm you so you can focus on getting well.


Lastly, but likely most importantly — using CBD helps you sleep! Sometimes when you’re sick the cold medicine keeps you awake or the sniffles make it hard for you to get the immune-system restorative sleep your body must have in order to heal. Even if you think you are sleeping a lot, your sleep may be interrupted or poor in quality. CBD can help balance out your snoozing hours so your body can heal.

CBD (and THC) Side Effects

Some CBD side effects (and THC, since it’s in the formula for popular full spectrum CBD oil products) may be unwanted during your cold or flu or what-have-you. This mostly affects brand-new CBD users but the risk of side effects could affect anyone.

  • Dry mouth/cotton mouth
  • For some, it causes nausea or other tummy upset issues (For others it calms an upset tummy, so this one is a little harder to predict.)
  • Tiredness, sleepiness or drowsiness

Helpful tip: If you begin CBD oil and have some of these symptoms, reduce your dose until your body gets better acquainted with those new molecules in your system.

Some medicine side effects may be similar. For example, if your regular CBD makes you drowsy and then you take a flu medicine that also makes you drowsy, then the two together may be too much for you. Use your discretion here or wisely, ask your doctor what you should do.

If your illness has symptoms that complicate your ability to continue taking your regular CBD for a few days or weeks — vomiting or diarrhea, for example — then discontinue taking your CBD until you feel well enough to ease your way back to your regular dose.

Topical CBD products are ok to continue using as you need them.

CBD and Medications

To date, only one CBD oil has been approved by the FDA as a medication, Epidolex, for the treatment of certain seizure disorders. Otherwise, CBD oil is a supplement you take in addition to whatever you’re already taking — meaning, you need to consider drug interactions with whatever CBD brand you are taking.

Treat Your Illness & Health with Care

Whether or not you choose to use natural treatments to relieve symptoms and support your immune system— like using essential oils of peppermint and eucalyptus to help your breathing or using CBD to help your sleep, or taking Elderberry supplements — you may still opt to use a combination of holistic health support and medical care to get you well again. Above all, treat your body with kindness and patience as it works hard to make you well. Be thankful for the biological wonder of your own body as it fights these pathogens and restores itself to wellness.

Here at Asé, we hope you have a safe and healthy holiday season. We’re here with CBD products to support your body and help you feel well all year round.


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