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Feeling Insecure? 7 Techniques That Can Boost Your Confidence

There may be days where you feel like a rockstar—confident, composed, and comfortable in your own skin. You dominate every room you’re in, and you exude a charisma that draws people to you.


But if you’re like most of us, those days are few and far between. Indeed, it’s probably much more commonplace to feel out of your depth, out of your element, and utterly stymied by your own inner critic.


The reality is that we all have festering insecurities, and it’s all too easy to let those insecurities get the better of us. And while you’re probably never going to eradicate those insecurities, or possess that rockstar feeling 24/7, there are some techniques you can use to improve your self-confidence.


Techniques for Boosting Your Confidence

Consider a few strategies for putting insecurity in its place.

  • Develop a mindset for growth. One of the most constructive answers to insecurity is to commit to self-improvement. You are beautiful and precious just the way you are, but if you struggle to believe that, why not develop a solid plan for personal growth? Commit to learning new skills or trying new things. Write down some meaningful, achievable goals.
  • Be a critical thinker. When insecurities surface, we tend to accept them without showing much discernment. But what if you actually scrutinized your insecurities, rather than believing them outright? Think critically about the things you perceive to be weaknesses. Could they really be strengths or assets in some way? Are they tied to the things that make you so special? Is it something you want to improve but never follow through with the promises you make to yourself? This is like making a promise to a friend and never following through, your friend will stop believing in you. The same is true for yourself. Confidence is built when we follow through with our personal commitments and promises, we start to believe in ourselves and naturally become confident. 
  • Surround yourself with positive people. If everyone around you is lousy with criticism and negativity, it can make it hard for your confidence to ever fully blossom. Try to make sure you have people in your corner who are optimistic, appreciative, and willing to highlight your best qualities. Surrounding yourself with encouraging people is a great way to balance out any negative self-talk.
  • Celebrate your progress. Any time you learn a new skill, try something new, or accomplish something amazing, that should be cause for celebration. Treat yourself in some way. Maybe even invite a friend to celebrate with you. It doesn’t need to be extravagant. Simply recognize your progress and your growth without downplaying or diminishing.
  • Make time for things that make you feel happy. Feeling insecure all the time can really be miserable. And then, your misery feeds into the insecurity, forming a vicious cycle. That’s what makes it so important to devote time to the activities that really give you joy and leave you feeling full and happy inside. Whether it’s yoga, playing guitar, drawing, meditating with CBD, or relaxing in the bathtub, be sure to afford yourself time to be in your happy place.
  • Listen to other people’s stories. Everyone struggles with insecurity. The thing is, some people overcome those insecurities, or at least learn how to put insecurity in its place. Seek out those people and ask to hear their stories. Seek advice or maybe just a little inspiration from people who have learned how to let their self-confidence flourish.
  • Prepare for setbacks. A final tip: As you try to grow into a more confident person, you’re going to have some bad days and some relapses into insecurity. Just get ready now and accept that personal growth is not a linear journey. Acknowledge your setbacks without wallowing in them or allowing them to define you.


Ultimately, building confidence takes time. With these strategies, you can begin cultivating real resilience in the face of insecurity, and maybe experience those rockstar days more and more often.


Practice Self-Care with CBD

One more thing: As you try to take better care of yourself, and to give confidence a place where it can blossom, CBD can be a valuable tool. Specifically, CBD can enhance your meditation practice, help you get a more restful night’s sleep, or simply provide you with a little burst of happiness.


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