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Fun Ways to Renew Your Spirit This Spring

The spring months remind us that life begets life. The skies are open, plant life abundant and blooming, and we, too, can renew our spirit. But how can we do that, exactly? Isn’t this a little different for each of us? Well, yes, it is. But all of us can feel refreshed, revived, renewed in the blossoming spirit of spring. 

We thought we’d share some of our favorite ways to renew your spirit in the springtime. Try these fun tips for a spiritual renewal that keeps you inspired all year long!

Refresh Your Energies to Renew Your Spirit

One way to renew your spirit in the spring is to renew your energies. This means your internal energies of the mind and spirit, but also your physical energies. 


Try these tips for revving up your energies in the springtime months:

  • Drink more water. Try a fruit-infuser water bottle and some new infusion recipes to make drinking your daily water a fun and refreshing thing to do. Feel energized when your body is well-hydrated for those rising spring temps.
  • The spring months are a lovely time to take up more walking for pleasure and for your health. Put a step-counter on your phone and set a daily step goal. Find fun ways to increase your daily steps. Remember, physical activity actually helps to increase your energies by releasing feel good hormones in your body. It boosts your endocrine system and releases hormones like endorphins, and other chemicals like fat-burning ketones, and serotonin, which helps with a variety of bodily functions.
  • Begin a gratitude attitude. Journal your thoughts or speak them aloud. Being grateful for something in all situations. This helps to energize you and keep you focused on the positive.


Get Your Sleep Patterns Regulated

There’s no quicker path to improving your energy than getting the critical sleep your body needs. Wellness begins with the rest our bodies do while we sleep. Sleep also contributes (positively and negatively) to your mental wellbeing, so take care with your sleeping habits.

Try these tips for improved sleep.

  • Set a regular bedtime and stick to it.
  • Improve your sleep hygiene with CBD options that could help you fall asleep better and sleep more soundly.
  • Power down one hour before bed. This means cutting out all the devices that expose you to sleep-disturbing blue light. Use this time for reading, journaling, or other restful activities.


Feed Your Body Well

If your energy levels feel sluggish, chances are you aren’t getting healthy energy from your food. When you don’t feed your body well, it can cause you to have food cravings or overeat the wrong things. 

Try these tips for energizing your body through your diet:

  • Skip the caffeinated drinks and sugary soft drinks. While these things do energize you, that type of energy comes at a cost to your health. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and start your day with lean protein, which fills you up and helps fend off cravings.
  • Get in plenty of fruits and veggies. Eat the rainbow! The more colors typically equals the more nutrition, so try some new fruity and veggie-fun recipes. Get creative. Try a new fruit or vegetable you’ve never tried before. Learn what’s in season at different times of the year. Plant a vegetable and herb garden. Make nutrition fun!
  • Did you know that nature provides all sorts of plant-based foods that give your brain what it needs? Try a wellbeing boost of mood-enhancing foods like a variety of berries for flavonoid antioxidants. Or turmeric spice for a natural calming for your body’s tissues. Or broccoli for a boost of vitamin K – which is essential for brain health. Learn a little about what foods can help your body perform its best.
  • Before you eat something, ask yourself this: Am I eating this for pleasure? Or, am I eating this to fuel my body with healthy energy? This simple habit could change the way you look at what you eat each day and make more mindful choices.

Exercise Your Mind and Body

As a CBD wellness company, we focus a lot of our blogs on exercise and workout recovery. This is because exercise is essential no matter what type of shape you are currently in, and yes, round is a shape. 

No matter how you analyze it – exercise boosts your mood and energy levels. This is likely due to your body releasing all those feel-good hormones when you get moving.

Whether you are a long distance runner or a couch-surfing Netflix enthusiast, set a goal to move around a little more. Try out a new exercise. Look for exercises that suit your limitations, as well, such as a back pain issue or a knee that just doesn’t work quite right anymore. Many people avoid exercise because of pain. 

Pain signals your body to slow down, stop, and take care of a need. Try this natural wellness muscle gel which can help to target some of those pain areas – this might help you move around more, tackle more goals, and push yourself to the next level of your physical and mental wellness.


Let Nature Heal Your Spirit

We cannot say enough about how spending time in nature heals and renews your spirit – even if you are not an “outdoorsy” person. Even if you hate the bugs. Even if it bores you.

It is human nature to need open spaces without walls.

It is human nature to need gazing into horizons.

It is human nature to need fresh air to breath and the feeling of sun on our skin, a breeze that makes us close our eyes for a moment and pause.

So, put on the natural bug repellent, like citronella, peppermint, or even lavender essential oils , grab a hat and get out there!

  • Take in lots of fresh air.
  • Be near water – for some people, being near bodies of water is energizing.
  • Spend time outdoors, taking walks, meditating on positive things.
  • Do your exercising outside.
  • Go swimming or hiking.
  • Learn how to kayak or canoe.
  • Plant something! It’s good for your mental and emotional health!

Find spiritual renewal and inspiration by observing wildlife, plantlife, and the newness that comes in the springtime months. 


Find Your Spirit Animal

What, exactly, is a spirit animal, and do you have one? Some cultures, including Native cultures, believe in a spirit animal, spirit guide, or animal totem. But what is it, exactly?

A spirit animal is one particular animal which you feel very connected to, and when you see them or experience them, it feels like a message. It makes you stop what you are doing and seek understanding. It’s also said that people share characteristics of their spirit animal guides.

There are many types of spirit animals and if you have one, you likely already know. But there are many spirit guides if you are mindful of them.

For example, let’s say you see a blue heron flying over you in the morning. You stop and think about this, because it feels meaningful to you. Later that day, you’re eating your lunch at a nice little café and there is another blue heron, gliding right past you, with the sun shining off their feathers. 

This time, your breath catches in your throat. Now, you know there is a message to be heard. 

Be mindful of these moments. They can add meaning and depth to your spirit that is inspirational and pleasurable for you.

Note: The blue heron spirit guide symbolizes independence, prosperity, determination, patience, and wisdom.


Create Positive Mantras for Yourself

Wellness writer Andrea Manitsas of Organic Authority speculates that the reason mantras work so well is that they go all the way back to sanskrit and chanting cultural practices, and operate in a complex world of quantum physics and vibrational tones. 

All that’s fancy talk for ‘sounds that move us’. And language, using that sound, can be very powerful. Don’t believe it? Try starting your day by saying one of these mantras 10 times. In fact, do it several times a day…and see what happens. See how your energies move in that positive direction.


Mantras to Build Your Energies 

  1. I am a strong and capable [man/woman/spirit].
  2. I embody positive energy.
  3. I accept all the blessings that come my way today.
  4. I am filled with divine energy.
  5. (Or, create your own!)


Surround Yourself with Others Who Brighten Your Path

One last key to renew your spirit this spring is to take inventory of your relationships. Seek out others who illuminate your path. You know, sometimes within moments of meeting other people, how they refresh and inspire your soul. 


And people usually fall into two categories in your life: 

  • Those that renew your spirit and help your soul’s light to burn even brighter.
  • Those that seem to blow your light out whenever they can. 

Choose wisely who you allow to spend time with your spirit, your soul, the light of you. For that is a precious thing that shouldn’t be wasted where it’s not deserved or respected. Find your path illuminators and see what you can learn from them.

Renew Your Spirit this Spring with Asé

We hope you all the best as you find creative ways to renew your spirit this spring, just as life renews itself all around you. Keep in touch with us on our Instagram page and let us know which of our premium CBD products help you to renew your spirit and live your best life. 



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