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Halloween Got You Stressed Out?

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Asé Pure Naturals with a few thoughts on Halloween & CBD

Many people find the holiday to be mentally taxing. Halloween can aggravate a nervous temperament, trigger past traumas, or simply gross us out with all the bloody imagery. Which brings me to today’s topic: Can CBD oil products help? 

For anyone living with stress, from Halloween or any other reason, it can help to have a multi-faceted approach for stress management: 

  • Good coping skills
  • Exercise
  • Self-care 
  • Meditation or yoga
  • And yes, things like lavender, Epsom salts in the bath, or a daily regimen of CBD products. 

CBD can help by providing CBD benefits that affect your overall feeling of calm – and this holiday season – kicking off with the spooky time, then the pumpkin spice season, then the Jingle Bells ringing – a little calm can help a whole lot! Not to mention the CBD benefits for your sleep! 

Topics We’ll Cover Today

  • Managing Halloween stressors – Get the ghastly stressors under control with these tips!
  • CBD Oil Benefits – Learn how added calm and better sleep can help you beat the Halloween ick.
  • CBD Oil Products for stress – Your guided plan of action for those things that go bump in the night.
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Managing Halloween Stressors

If Halloween’s got your nerves in a tangle, it may mean that you have either personality tendencies or past traumas that take all the fun out of the holiday for you. There’s nothing wrong, either, with simply hating the holiday. (It’s ok – you can say that!) 

Whatever your reasons for sneaking your way through the holiday, jumping at the frights, or squeezing your eyes shut and just hoping all the spiders and spooks just go away – self-care and self-awareness are both key to getting through it all.

First, do a bit of self-assessment to discover your triggers. Triggers are events, signals, words or sounds, sights or smells – basically any sensory input – that triggers a negative emotional, or sometimes physical, response. (For me, let’s go ahead and add zombies to the list.)

When you have some triggers that come at you more frequently, as can be the case when the freaky Halloween commercials start and you are suddenly bombarded with imagery from horror movies, it can feel like it all builds up. You can get worked up over frequent triggering images or events and find yourself in a web of discomfort.

And when that happens, it can be a bit hard to get back on track. This is where CBD comes in – not as a cure-all, by any means, but as a supportive element for your self-care during this ghoulish holiday season.

CBD Benefits | CBD for Stress

Many people take CBD oil products for stress because it helps in two ways:

First, CBD helps your body and mind by perpetuating a sense of calm. Along with a stress management plan that helps you self-care your way through stress, CBD can help by supporting those measures. 

Secondly, CBD benefits your sleep. It doesn’t make you sleepy or cause you to fall asleep, but CBD can help you to feel more calm and wind down in those crucial hours before you go to sleep. CBD can help you balance your sleeping by supporting your healthy sleep habits, especially when you work with your body’s natural circadian rhythm. Some CBD products such as those containing less than .3% of THC, the full spectrum CBD products, can be especially helpful in this regard.

Tips for Managing Halloween Stress 

  • Avoid triggers that upset you.
  • Set healthy Halloween boundaries – like passing on social invites if the activities are too much for you.
  • Eat a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise.
  • Turn off all devices one hour before bed and take your CBD so you can get good sleep.
  • Take a regular CBD regimen to keep the levels of CBD even and consistent in your system.
  • Practice good coping skills and self-care that make you feel calm and happier.
  • Consider meditation, deep breathing, calming apps, or other calming techniques.
  • Speak with a professional – like your doctor or a therapist.
organic cbd products
Photo by Tim Shilling

Can CBD Help with Seasonal Stress?

Because CBD supports a sense of calm, and other CBD benefits may help you with rest and sleep, many people find that for seasonal stress, CBD can help. You may opt to take CBD products during these seasons when you need more care, or you may opt to add in a little extra CBD to a regimen you are already following. 

Here are a few options for adjusting your CBD routine when the stress levels are higher than normal:

First, take your regular CBD tinctures morning and night. This is crucial. You can take your regular CBD tinctures or CBD softgels. Then consider:

  • Adding a micro-serving in the middle of the day. ¼-½ of your regular serving is considered a micro-serving addition. This extra boost could make all the difference for you.
  • Upping your serving sizes you normally take in the morning or evening, whichever, or both, is helpful.
  • If you normally take the CBD capsules, you can consider getting some of the tinctures to have onhand for those extra stressful times. This might make it easier to add on partial servings, when needed.

Asé Pure Naturals Makes Halloween a Little Less Scary

Lots of people take CBD for stress, sleep or other reasons. Even though we are a CBD company, here at Asé Pure Naturals, we want to remind you that CBD isn’t a cure-all, as we said earlier. It is a great “tool” to have in your health and wellness wheelhouse, but remember to take care of yourself in other ways as well.

Of course, we’d love for you to use and love our products but your health and wellness is a culmination of lots of decisions; from your diet to exercise, to setting healthy Halloween boundaries. If you’re not there yet – it’s ok. CBD oil products are a great start. 

Thanks for reading today. Hang in there  –  Halloween will soon pass on to pumpkins, harvest cornucopias, bountiful feasts and hayrides and that stuff’s a whole lot less scary! 

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