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Healthy Practices to Adopt Before the New Year

Once the clock chimes midnight, inaugurating a new year, many of us are suddenly on the hook for a whole raft of self-imposed resolutions. Often, these resolutions focus on health and wellness: Making better habits to improve our mental acuity and physical vigor.


Making resolutions can certainly be beneficial but trying to accommodate them amidst the hustle and bustle of a new year can be a little tough. Why not get a head start, adopting some healthy practices to help you begin the new year right? We have a few specific practices that we can recommend.


Healthy Practices for a New Year

Add more movement to your life. Those of us with desk jobs tend to be pretty sedentary from day to day, which can place us at greater risk for diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Adding more motion to your life can reduce these risks, improve your energy level, and elevate your mood. As a rule of thumb, you’ll want at least 150 minutes of physical activity each week; simply incorporating a morning or lunchtime walk into your daily schedule can go a long way.


Drink more water. You’ve probably heard the old mantra about drinking eight glasses of water daily. The reality is that we all have different needs when it comes to hydration, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to keep water handy throughout the day. Also consider drinking at least one glass of water before you have that morning cup of java.


Eat earlier. Are you in the habit of eating late dinners, or grabbing a pre-bedtime snack? You may be surprised to know that consuming calories later in the day is closely linked with weight gain and related physical health concerns. When possible, try to get your caloric intake earlier in the day, cutting yourself off from food by 7 or 8 in the evening.


Turn off your devices. Far too many of us have developed a habit of bringing our phone or tablet to bed with us, soaking up YouTube videos or social media scrolling before we finally power down. The problem with doing that is that we’re also soaking up blue light emissions, which can disrupt our sleep patterns and leave us ill-rested. Make a habit of shutting off your devices at least an hour or two before bed. Spend some time with a good book instead!


Build muscle. Are you a cardio junkie? Us too! A long morning jog can really help clear the head and energize the body. Trouble is, all cardio and no muscle-building can lead to health concerns, including potential bone problems. Try to add at least one or two days of strength training to each week’s workout routine.


Practice gratitude. Thankfulness is a habit we can cultivate all year long, not just in the weeks leading up to Turkey Day. Try practical ways to incorporate more gratitude into your life, such as taking daily gratitude walks, meditating, or keeping a gratitude journal.


Try new things. One of the most powerful ways to bolster your mental and emotional wellbeing is by forming a habit of lifelong learning. Exercise curiosity whenever you can, seeking new experiences, enrolling in classes, or simply reading up on subjects you’ve never considered before. Maybe this will be the year you finally take those guitar lessons, begin work on your novel, or try your hand at pasta-making.


Spend time outside. Soak up the sun. Inhale the fresh air. Get out in nature for a few minutes every day if you can. Note that there are plenty of ways to synchronize this habit with others on our list: You can take daily walks outside, do your gratitude meditation outside, etc.


Consider CBD. If you’ve been curious about CBD but never taken the plunge, maybe now’s your moment. A dose of natural, holistic CBD can be a good way to improve your meditation practice, to enjoy a more restful evening, or simply to calm yourself in the midst of a busy season.


Godspeed and smooth sailing with all your health and wellness resolutions. And if you’d like to explore some CBD options, take some time to explore our inventory today.

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