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If You Forget Your CBD Oil

It happens. In the morning rush to get the kids out the door for school – you forget to take your CBD. You’ve hurriedly packed for a business trip – and you forget to pack your CBD oil. You’re lying in bed at night, staring at the ceiling and suddenly realize why you can’t sleep – you forgot to take your CBD oil. No matter what is going on around you, CBD oil products help you to stay on top of your game.

Until — you completely forget them and a rushed morning quickly turns into an off day at the office. No worries! We’re here to answer what happens if you forget to take your CBD oil and what you should do when you miss a dose or forget to pack your CBD oil products and you’re away from home. These quick tips will get you back on track quickly.


Why You Should Take CBD Daily

If you forget your CBD oil, a few things happen:

  1. Your body begins to experience a drop in the homeostasis that CBD helps to maintain. You may feel “out of whack” or generally restless. This is due to the decline in stasis within your body. It may be a little uncomfortable but it’s not harmful to you. Remember, CBD and other self-regulatory measures are all about balance.

  2. If you forget your CBD oil you may experience some emotional or physical disruptions or discomfort, and you might not sleep very well.

  3. When you forget your CBD products too often, you may have to wean yourself back onto them like you’re starting over. This is ok, it just takes a few days to do.


CBD oil works best when you keep a consistent and regular level of CBD in your system. 

However, many people do experience great benefits from taking CBD oils on an as-needed basis as well. If you are used to taking CBD regularly, however, you may notice it more when you suddenly stop taking it or forget it a few days in a row. Because it’s not harmful to the body to add and then remove CBD from the system, it’s ok to go on them, off them, or take them whenever you want. But for ongoing, stable results, take them twice a day on an ongoing basis to keep the levels of CBD in your system nice and even.


Is it Dangerous to Miss a CBD Oil Dose?

If you forget your CBD oil you don’t need to worry that it’s dangerous for your system. It’s not harmful to you in any way, it just may present some mild discomfort. 

Boost Your Body 

If you begin to feel bad after missing your CBD doses then you may be noticing that drop in cannabinoids. Your endocannabinoid system works hard to maintain the homeostasis, even if there’s a drop in the phytocannabinoids you are taking. Remember, your endocannabinoid system adjusts itself, utilizes all available endocannabinoids (the ones your body makes) and phytocannabinoids (from the plant-based CBD oils you take) available to it and still does its job minus any CBD supplements you take. 

So, if you’ve missed your helpful CBD oils – try these quick tips to boost your mood and your endocannabinoid system and bridge the lull between missed CBD doses, until you can get back to your regular routine.

Try These Quick Tips

  • Get some exercise to boost the natural endorphins in your body – this may help you to feel better.
  • Do your best to get the sleep your body needs. 
  • Get outdoors for a boost to your mood.
  • Up your self care if you feel poorly and be gentle with yourself! In fact, try some cold therapy to help boost your body’s own endocannabinoids to get you feeling better more quickly.
  • If you have trouble sleeping, try using a melatonin supplement before bed to help you fall asleep better.
  • Follow-up by taking your CBD supplements when you can get back to your routine.


Pro CBD tip: 

Make taking CBD everyday a part of your routine so you don’t forget. If you drink coffee every morning, for example, store your CBD in the coffee cup cabinet so you see it when you make your coffee. Store your evening dose near your toothbrush or sleep mask so you’ll be prompted to get in that evening CBD dose for your best and most restful sleep each night.


Getting Back Into Your CBD Routine

Think of CBD oil in your system like a waterline in a bucket. When the water drops below the line on the bucket, things become unbalanced. It takes time, if the water’s dripping in, to refill the line back to the original waterline and restore balance. So, when you resume your CBD oil regimen, you may feel some better but it does take a few days to once again restore the balance in your mind, body, and all your internal tissues, cells, and organs.


If you forget your CBD oil only once, maybe two doses, or even a few times over the course of a few days, you should be ok to simply resume your regular CBD regimen. Just start again on your CBD like you would normally take it and give it some time. Be gentle with yourself during this time. Your temper or nervous energy may feel short or out of sorts. Just give it some time, take the time for calming self-care, and know you’ll feel better soon. Try some calming meditation to help you feel more grounded during this time. 


If you’re experiencing aches and pains during one of these “missed dose” episodes, supplement with a topical CBD solution to help manage those discomforts. Simply roll the solution onto where it aches…


What If You Go Off Your CBD Oil For a While?

Dr. Jacky, a board-certified physician who works in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care shared her experiences of how she slipped up a few times and then kind of accidentally went off her CBD products — for two weeks.  The descent both mentally and physically was clear and once she realized her mistake, she began to take her CBD again. Though she did not explain a wean-back-in method after her two week CBD hiatus, we do recommend that you take some time to get your body used to the CBD oil again.

Dr. Jacky’s words, though, stick with us, that “CBD works behind the scenes, keeping things balanced and under control and regulating your cannabinoid system so you can function at your best.  You may not feel it every time you take it, but it’s doing something.” And we agree. Let these words resonate with you should you be tempted to “skip” or quit something that seems to just be hanging out in your system. CBD isn’t simply “hanging out” but working hard to keep your body and mind feeling their best.


Going Back on Your CBD Oil

It’s not uncommon for people to stop taking their CBD for a while, for whatever reason, then decide it was helping them and they want to go back on it. If it’s been more than a week or so, you may want to wean yourself back up to your dosage to get your body slowly readjusted. This is especially true if you experienced any of the mild side effects when you first started CBD oil products – dry mouth or nausea or tummy upset.

Take a lesser amount for the first few days and then work your way up to your regular dose amount of CBD.


If You’ve Gone on a Trip and Forgot to Pack Your CBD Oil Products

First, do not panic. You can go to the Asé Pure Naturals website, change your address to the place where you are currently staying and see if there are delivery options within the window of your stay. Contact us if you need assistance. Here’s some more info about CBD and traveling.

If You Have More Questions 

If you have more questions like these (see below) we’re here to help:


Our blog is a great source of real life hacks for taking CBD and we offer high-quality CBD products for your everyday needs. Visit us at Asé Pure Naturals to learn more.


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