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Is CBD an Aphrodisiac?

There is no denying that our culture—and our society as a whole—is somewhat Puritanical in nature. Many of us were taught as children—whether in our home life, in our church, or in a combination of factors—that pleasure is gluttonous.  However, as times have progressed, it’s true that viewpoints and thinking have morphed and people have realized that life is short, and thus, should be enjoyed. Such is true when considering the intersection of cannabis and sex. 


Cannabis & Tantra: A Thought-Provoking History 

While the United States does have a history that has foundations in Evangelism and Puritanism, and legislation regarding the growing and use of cannabis is stricter in some states when compared to others, there are still many in this country who are interested in pushing the limits of cannabis—and how it can be used as an aphrodisiac. 

Going all the way back to the 2nd century, cannabis was used in Tantric rituals in both Buddhism and Hinduism, which have begun to be emulated the world over in the form of cannabis sex clubs and over-the-counter aphrodisiac products that are sold in many states.  However, while this trend continues to grow, and ancient uses of cannabis continue to be explored, the question must be asked: How exactly is cannabis an aphrodisiac?


A Stimulant for the Libido

Cannabis has been proven to be an effective stimulant for people of both genders—and studies confirm this outside of its use throughout history alone.  However, finding an effective strain to exactly fit your own individual desires and needs is a bit trickier. 

Each person has an endocannabinoid system, which is naturally occurring in our biology.  It is a system of neurotransmitters that have the potential to bind to cannabinoid receptors and result in producing the effects of cannabis—but this is different from person to person. After all, human sexuality is complicated.

Consider the following:

  • People who “like it rough” may seek out a cannabis topical to help with pain.
  • Some individuals may prefer a heightened emotional connection with their partner and seek out a gummy, for instance, to enhance their sex life.
  • Others still, might look for an oil or a rub to amplify physical touch while remaining in the moment. 

Because sexual experiences are so personal, it is important to find a cannabis product that is right for your individual genetic makeup and preferences. This can ultimately mean some trial and error is going to be present until one is able to locate their “sweet spot.” 

Thankfully, cannabis, as well as CBD products, are safe and experimentation is welcomed when exploring varied cannabinoid profiles as well as the method of delivery.  While some people might enjoy popping an edible and experiencing its effects, others may like a topical or a tincture based on whether they are seeking an energizing and euphoric experience or a relaxing and sedative one. 


How Cannabis or CBD Can Bring Pleasure

When implementing cannabis or CBD as an aphrodisiac, it is possible to realize a variety of effects, including:

  • Reduction of pain or inflammation without overly numbing a sensitive area of the body.
  • Increased blood flow, which can enhance orgasms.
  • Feelings of relaxation and enjoyment, which can dampen feelings of nervousness or embarrassment and enable a person to “let go.”
  • Sensations of enjoyment and exploration, helping one find their pleasure and get in touch with themselves and their body.


Dispelling Sex Negativity

Sex, as a whole, is a beautiful, natural, and normal thing when approached by consenting adults. And as our society begins to learn more about cannabis and CBD and eliminate the stigma that has long been associated with it, then we are not only going to learn more about how it can enhance the sexual experience, but also open up study regarding its variety of uses. 

At the end of the day, humans have been experimenting with plant medicine for centuries—both in and outside of the bedroom. And the team at Asé Pure Naturals believes this is only likely to continue. We are committed to continuing to learn more about the role CBD and cannabis play on our endocannabinoid systems and will evolve our products to help the customers we serve in myriad ways. For more information about our products or to make a purchase, please visit us online at

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