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Looking to Up Your Mixology Game? Consider CBD-Infused Cocktails

These days, craft cocktails are all the rage—as is CBD oil. Therefore, as you make plans for this summer and seek to chill out, entertain, and relax with friends, consider bringing the worlds of CBD and mixology together and create your next new favorite drink.

In this post, the team at Asé Pure Naturals will outline how we have been using our CBD oil products in some of our favorite drinks—and what you should do if you want to begin blending some awesome CBD-infused cocktails on your own. 

Upping Your Relaxation with a CBD-Infused Cocktail

There are few things more enjoyable than coming home from a long day at work and mixing a cocktail or sitting by the pool and beating the heat with cool drink. While it is always best to imbibe any type of alcohol responsibly, it is also important to note that incorporating CBD oil into a drink can present some good health benefits, namely, the CBD can offer a level of sedation that alcohol cannot and you might actually end up drinking less to achieve the laid-back feelings you desire, without overdoing it with alcohol alone.

How to Use CBD When Making Cocktails

Firstly, if you want to use CBD oil in your bartending pursuits, make sure you are working with a high-quality CBD oil. Realize that not every CBD oil sold online is of the same quality, and not all CBD manufacturers tell the truth about how much CBD extract is in their product or the manufacturing process. Ensure you only use CBD oil whose manufacturer can detail their growing and extraction process and can provide verifiable third-party test results regarding quality and potency.

Next, before you begin adding CBD oil to drinks make sure you dose yourself with the CBD on a regular basis to ensure you have a favorable reaction. Furthermore, confirm your guests know that you used CBD oil in your concoction. People react to CBD oil differently and there is no one size fits all. Make sure you inform your guests, so they have a chance to turn the drink down in case they have had a negative reaction in the past or simply do not want to take a chance. 

CBD Oil Vs. CBD Tincture?

Now, another key item to think about in relation to CBD and mixology is to ensure you know the difference between a cocktail that has been infused with CBD oil and one that has a CBD tincture in it. A cocktail that is mixed with CBD oil will have the oily substance floating on top of the drink. So, when you have finished the drink, know that some of the oil will be left at the bottom of the glass. 

Conversely, a CBD tincture will react well with the contents of the drink and will blend easily, leaving no residue.

Remember to Be Cautious

Now, when making a CBD-infused drink, know that you should not simply free pour your oil or tincture simply because you can.  Just as you wouldn’t pour alcohol without accurately measuring what you are putting into a glass, the same is true about CBD. Check the label on the CBD bottle to see how much is recommended per dosage. Additionally, when first embarking upon making CBD-infused drinks it may be wise to use less than the recommended dosage, just to see how you react.  If you do not experience a negative reaction, then it may be safe to add a little more CBD in order to achieve a happy ratio. 

And as a final point, we recommend that if you decide to make CBD-infused cocktails to only do so in the evening.  Remember, combining CBD and alcohol together is likely to produce not only relaxation, but also potentially sedation, meaning you might feel inclined to go to sleep.  Additionally, do not operate machinery or drive a car if you drink CBD-infused cocktails. As with any drink that contains alcohol, realize that you are likely to be impaired. If you are out and about make sure you have a designated driver or can summon a cab or an Uber to get home safely. 

Experiment Safely

Experimentation is key when mixing any type of cocktail, but is definitely true when infusing with CBD. Seek out a CBD product that tastes good and has the ability to blend well—and always ensure you aren’t overdoing it. Know that CBD products are perfectly fine to take regularly in order to attain improved wellness, but infusing them in cocktails should be done sparingly as alcohol can have a negative impact on your health. 

As you get your summer parties started, we invite you to check out the CBD oils and tinctures manufactured by Asé Pure Naturals. We have a variety of flavored and unflavored products that are sure to make your next cocktail party memorable and fun. 

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