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Mindful Consumption: Tips On How To Enjoy CBD To The Fullest

In one of our recent blog posts, we discussed CBD 101: An Introduction To CBD Oil. Today, we’ll go into further detail on the different ways you can consume CBD, the pros and cons to each form of CBD, and how to consume your CBD in a healthy, balanced manner.

When you first begin to use a CBD product, whether it be a CBD tincture, gummy, cream, etc., the packaging will usually contain some sort of recommended dosing instructions. You’ll most likely want to start there or begin using CBD by taking even less than what the container suggests and monitoring your own results before reevaluating your intake amounts. The same concept applies if you’ll be giving CBD to your pet.

The good news is that CBD comes in a wide variety of potencies. The most common CBD tinctures, for example, range from 100mg to 7,000mg bottles, with 500mg-1800mg bottles being the most popular or commonly carried strengths. This is beneficial because there will be a CBD strength out there for everyone, based on an individual’s needs due to variations in size, weight, pain-levels, anxiety-levels, etc. It’s okay to steadily increase your CBD strength as long as that increase is gradual, consistent, and done with reason and purpose in mind.

For example, let’s say you take two doses of 900mg CBD tincture (for a 30ml bottle size). This would give you a 15mg single serving of CBD per 1/2 ml, which would give you 60 servings per bottle. So you would be taking a 30mg dose a day. One 15mg dose in the morning and one in the evening, for one month. You feel a slight alleviation in discomfort or stress-levels but feel you might have an even better response to increasing the dosage to 30mg twice a day. This makes much more sense, than taking CBD for a day or two and concluding it doesn’t work the way you expected it to or taking vastly varying dosages of CBD each day.

As long as your CBD consumption is consistent and disciplined, you’ll avoid some of the pitfalls mentioned above, and will have a better experience with your CBD.

We often times hear new CBD users say, “they didn’t really feel anything”. So, here’s a quick, friendly reminder that CBD is very different from a psychoactive drug or prescription-only pain killer. As well as be aware that based on research it could take 7-14 days for the cannabinoids to activate in the brain and central nervous system. Also we recommend doing research before purchasing CBD to ensure you’re getting a high quality product that has been third party tested.


That Said, Let’s Take a Moment to Review the Pros and Cons of a Few of the Most Popular Forms of CBD.

The most popular form of CBD consumption is via tincture. Many CBD users prefer using tinctures to drop CBD underneath their tongues because it’s so quick and convenient. This form of CBD has a moderate wait-time until it sets in, with quicker onset than ingestion, for example.

The upside to ingesting CBD, although it may take longer to take effect, is that its results will be more prolonged, because when you ingest something, its release into your blood stream is much slower and steadier. For this reason, ingesting CBD is a good idea when you have the time to plan ahead.

Let’s say for example you plan on going to bed at 11 P.M. Taking a CBD capsule 45-60 minutes before sleep will ensure its effects will begin to activate as you’re about to go to sleep, making for a well-timed release.

In other scenarios, a stressful situation might arise that calls for a much quicker need. Say, you’re about to enter a last-minute boardroom meeting or public speaking situation which makes you uncomfortable. When every second matters, taking CBD via an inhalable means such as a disposable CBD vape pen will likely result in the quickest effect, taking effect in just a few minutes.


The CBD tincture falls into the middle, with slower effect that inhaling, and quicker effect than ingesting, which is another one of the many reasons this form of CBD tends to be most popular amongst CBD users.

Personal preference is another huge factor to take into consideration. Some people have a really hard time swallowing pills. Some people don’t feel comfortable inhaling something. Or, you may have had dental work or dental concerns which makes chewable CBD gummies an issue.

It’s for these reasons that CBD comes in so many forms. This helps ensure there’s a method of CBD consumption out there for everybody, that will match each unique individuals’ preferences and lifestyle.

A major concern for some when it comes to supplements or pharmaceuticals relates to dependence, tolerance, and addiction. CBD’s cousin, THC, for example, is well-known to cause your body to build up a tolerance toward it, causing you to need more and more of it over time with consistent use to get the same result. This can quickly become quite expensive depending on the degree and consistency of use.

But on a more positive note, early research seems to be suggest that CBD use does not cause your body to build up a tolerance toward it and might even have reverse-tolerance effects. 

This is because of the way CB1 cells don’t resist negative allosteric modulation in the same way they resist direct intense stimulation. A THC user might even benefit their tolerance toward THC by incorporating CBD into their cannabinoid diet.

So, although CBD isn’t habit-forming and doesn’t cause your body to build up a tolerance toward it, it’s important to know what forms of CBD are available, what the pros and cons are to each form, and how to leverage each form of CBD for maximum effectiveness based on your own unique needs, lifestyle, and personal preferences.

Our first products here at Asé Pure Naturals will be Full-Spectrum and Broad-Spectrum CBD tinctures. If you’re curious about what the differences are between full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, and CBD isolate, you can find more information on this subject and more by clicking here to visit our previous blog post.

Thank you for stopping by our CBD blog today, and please feel free to bookmark this site and check back often for more news and information about CBD, and our own premium CBD products which will be launching soon. You can also check out our online store directly for updates by visiting



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