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Renew Your Commitment to Self Care as Summer Wraps Up

If you’ve been with us here at Asé for any length of time, then you know we care about your whole body and mind wellness. We often write about ways that you can take excellent care of yourself – because we know, in today’s world, busyness can get in the way of self-care routines. 


Recently, we’ve shared with you:


The End of Summer Wreaks Havoc on Your Routine

So, why, then are we having this conversation again? Because it’s the end of summer. And, well, all hell breaks loose at the end of summer. Right? 

Plus, the summer wears on you. Either you’re sick of the heat and humidity and ready for fall, or you’re lingering poolside, longing for summer to never be over. Either way, your routines get a little out of whack. Your daily routines are thrown off by the new summer activities and you might get a little lazy with your self-care. You might even be suffering with your sleep schedule getting later and later. 


But now – school’s starting back up and you’ve got to get yourself together!


It’s so easy to forget ourselves. It’s so easy to let the self-care practices slide. As a wellness company, we feel it helps to encourage our CBD-loving family to step up that self-care, especially during times like the end of summer when school gets back on schedule and suddenly you’re juggling a pile of stresses and to-dos and scheduled events and meetings. 

It’s a lot to process, mentally and physically. But, we believe, with a renewal of your commitment to caring for yourself, you can wrap up the summer feeling better than ever.


Renewing Your Commitment to Self-Care

Here at the end of summer, we thought you could use some tips for how you can renew your commitment to self-care and start this next season off right. We’ve gathered our top three tips for self-care renewal to help you do just that, so, as the world gets back to school, you can get back to self, caring for yourself as a top priority. 

Here are our top three tips for renewing your self energies and tackling this season on top of your game.


Renew Your Sleep Cycle

The first step to renewing a commitment to self-care is to assess how you are sleeping

This time of year often coincides with the need to get better sleep and to readjust your sleep schedule a little earlier to permit those early morning bus pick-ups or to take your kids to school. After a relaxed summer, this can be rather difficult.

To get in the swing of a new sleep schedule, you’ll need to get your body readjusted to falling asleep earlier. 

  • Choose your new bedtime and stick to it. Set a reminder on your phone that it’s time to stop all activities and begin your winding down. Yes, this means turning off the TV and setting aside your laptop and phone. All that blue light will trigger your body to stay awake, warns the Sleep Foundation.

  • Do some relaxing activities during this time: take a warm bath with Epsom salt soaks or homemade bath bombs, read a book, or practice meditation. Use this time to allow your body to gently release the stress of the day and trigger your body’s natural melatonin. Keep all light sources dim or off so melatonin is naturally produced by your body, which will help you to become sleepy.

  • Get in your bed and make yourself comfortable, not too hot or cold, and make sure there are no distractions. Enjoy a cup of chamomile tea with a dose of CBD for added relaxation. 

If you have trouble sleeping, take CBD for sleep or a melatonin supplement. Set your alarm for the same time to get up each day. 

If you need a gentler change to your sleep schedule, do all of the above with a half an hour earlier bedtime each night over the course of a few days so that you can work your way into the new sleep schedule you’ll need for those back-to-school weeks that can be so rough to adjust to. 


Set a Self-Care Goal for End of Summer

Your commitment to self-care can be fun. It doesn’t all have to be stressful and exhausting. One way to make it fun is to challenge yourself with a new End-of-Summer Self Care Challenge. Set a new goal for yourself and work toward that goal. Make it even more fun by choosing a reward for once you’ve reached your goal.

Here are some ideas:

  • Go to bed every day on time for a month: At the end of the month, buy yourself a new pair of luxury pajamas and a new sleep mask!

  • Set a goal for caring for your hands. Do hand massages and nail oil weekly, keep your nails trimmed, neat, or painted. No nail biting or picking! At the end of the month – treat yourself with a trip to the nail salon or get a new ring. You could do a goal like this for your hair, or skin, or even your teeth, whatever your body needs most.

  • Choose a health and fitness goal like walking 10 miles each week for a month. When you reach your mile or step goal, reward yourself with a night out at the movies. This is a great way to get in those heart-healthy exercises each week. 


Renew Your Commitment to CBD for Self-Wellness

One huge thing you can do to renew your commitment to self-care is to renew your commitment to CBD. Perhaps you got a little off-track with your CBD over the summer. No worries! You can pick it right back up or take a few days to wean yourself back onto your regular CBD routine. 

If you’re new to CBD, here’s what you need to know:

  • CBD works best when you take it every day, morning and night. Try the broad spectrum CBD oils for a great first-time product.
  • CBD is great for overall wellness and to help you feel your best each day. But sometimes, aches and pains can get us down. Use a quick CBD roll-on to loosen up those muscles and feel better quickly!
  • All CBD products are for people over 18 and if you are on other medications and supplements, or if you have any underlying medical conditions, you may want to talk with your doctor to see if CBD is right for you.
  • Our tips for self-care often include CBD because CBD has healthy cannabinoids from hemp. These plant wonders help to support your body’s systems and they make you feel better. It’s hard to describe what a life of CBD wellness feels like, and it can be a little different for everyone, but CBD can help you. You just have to try it and stick with it long enough to see all those wonderful benefits. (For many people, it takes about a month to see the full effects!)


Stay in Touch with Your Asé Family

While you work hard to renew your commitment to self-care, to taking the best care of your mind and body that you can, you also need emotional support. This is a great time to remember that we all need to ask for help from time to time. Reach out to friends and family. Check in with each other. Find new people in your life who are on the same wellness track as you. 

And, remember that here at Asé Pure Naturals, we’re family, too! You can find our supportive communities on Facebook, on Twitter, and yes, on Instagram. Share with us how you’re renewing your commitment to living a wellness life with CBD. 

Happy end of summer to you and happy back to school!


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