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The Importance of Meditation in Your Health and Wellness Routines

There’s nothing new about meditation. Across cultures and spiritual disciplines, people have been practicing meditation for generations. What is new is the sheer amount of scientific evidence confirming what a lot of people knew all along: That meditation is really good for you, providing a full range of benefits for improved mental and physical health.


As you consider ways to enhance your own wellness routines, why not consider adding a meditative component? And as you consider your options for meditation, don’t hesitate to add in some focus-enhancing CBD, which may help you get even more out of your meditation practice.


What are the Health Benefits of Meditation?

There are far too many health benefits of meditation for us to cover all of them here, but a few of the most noteworthy benefits include:


Stress Reduction

Meditation has long had a reputation for stress reduction. And as it turns out, that reputation is backed by science.

Note that any time you experience physical or emotional stress, it leads to an increase in a hormone called cortisol… basically, the stress hormone. This hormone can, in turn, trigger inflammation and a number of other unwanted side effects. Indeed, heightened cortisol production is linked with insomnia, cloudy thinking, high blood pressure, and more.

But as the scientific literature shows, meditation can dramatically reduce the inflammatory effects of cortisol. And need we mention that CBD also has the potential to reduce your stress levels, making it a natural add-in to your meditation practice.


Improved Mental Health

More generally, there is a lot of scientific research showing that meditation has a positive impact on mental health, potentially raising self-confidence and easing symptoms of anxiety. Meditation has been noted as a possible remedy for depression, specifically because it slows the production of inflammatory chemicals that depression triggers.


Enlarged Attention Span

Here’s a health benefit of meditation that may surprise you: A regular practice of mindfulness meditation can actually lengthen your attention span. Indeed, studies show that people who meditate tend to pay closer attention and to complete tasks with greater accuracy and precision.

Related: Other studies suggest that even a few minutes of meditation each day can improve the function of your memory.


Improved Sleep

Roughly half of the population will struggle with sleeping problems at some point in their life. Many proponents of CBD say that it helps them sleep better at night, coping with the impact of insomnia. In addition to CBD, meditation may also be regarded as a tool to fight insomnia.

Indeed, studies confirm that folks who practice mindfulness meditation on a regular basis tend to sleep longer and more soundly at night.

There are plenty of possible explanations for this. For example, meditation helps release bodily tension. It helps curb anxiety, which may keep you up at night. Regardless of why, meditation should be one of the first treatments you try if you struggle with regular insomnia.


Additional Benefits of Meditation

We’ve really just scratched the surface. In brief, here are a few additional health benefits of meditation, whether you choose to meditate with or without CBD.


  • Meditation may help control the symptoms of chronic pain.
  • Meditation has been linked with decreased blood pressure.
  • Meditation may slow the progression of memory decline.
  • Meditation is sometimes regarded as a way to fight addiction.


The bottom line? There are plenty of good reasons why you should consider meditating as a means to improve personal health. And because meditation is so accessible, it’s something that almost anyone should be able to work into their fitness routine.


Looking for CBD to Use During Meditation?

Whether you’re brand new to meditation or you’ve been doing it your whole life, it’s never a bad time to consider an addition of CBD. At Asé Pure Naturals, we are happy to provide a full inventory of organic, non-GMO CBD products that you can work into your meditative practice.

We invite you to take a few minutes to explore our catalog. If you have any questions, reach out directly. We’re big believers in the power of meditation and would love to help you find a CBD product that makes your practice even more effective.

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