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The Surprising Benefits Regular Exercise Can Provide


From an early age, we’re taught that regular physical activity is good for us. It helps us control our weight, engage our muscles, boost our cardiovascular health, and beyond.


And yet, it’s possible that many of us don’t fully appreciate just how impactful a regular workout routine can be. The benefits of consistent exercise are truly endless, and in some cases they may even be surprising.

We’ll show you what we mean. Here are just a few of the lesser-known benefits that you can expect when you exercise on a regular basis.


6 Surprising Benefits of Regular Exercise


1) Regular exercise boosts your cognitive health.

Scientists have confirmed that working out consistently can help change the structure of your brain. While there’s not yet an official verdict on how or why this happens, it’s an area of ongoing research.

What you need to know is that working out can improve your cognitive health in more ways than one. For example, studies have indicated that regular exercise can ward off depression, improve your memory, and help you to learn and retain information more quickly. There is also evidence to suggest that a regular workout routine can prevent or delay the onset of dementia.


2) Exercise helps you to age gracefully.

Studies have shown that moderate to intense workouts can actually slow the aging process of your cells. What does this mean in practical terms? For one thing, people who work out with regularity live an average of five years longer than people who don’t work out regularly. Not only can exercise increase your lifespan, but it may also help you delay age-related degradation of your skin, muscles, and beyond.


3) Exercising regularly may help you manage the effects of a chronic health disorder.

When you’re recovering from a major illness, doctors usually encourage you to rest and heal, but also to get up on your feet again as quickly as possible for a little bit of physical activity. That’s because exercise has been proven to be effective in rallying your body following sickness. And by the same token, exercise may help you keep the symptoms of chronic health conditions in check.


For example, studies have linked regular exercise with the management of:

  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Symptoms following a stroke


4) Exercise can shrink your fat cells.

It’s pretty widely accepted that exercising regularly can help you keep your weight under control. What you may not realize is how exercise helps. It’s not just about burning fat. It’s about literally shrinking your fat cells, meaning they can retain less fat in the future. In other words, when you exercise often, it helps you both to lose weight and to keep it off, promoting sustainable, long-term results.


5) Getting regular exercise helps your skin look better.

Want skin that appears youthful and radiant? Developing a habit of regular exercise is crucial. Science confirms that aerobic exercise helps stimulate blood flow to your skin, supplying the oxygen and other critical nutrients that your skin needs to look its best. 

In fact, exercise doesn’t merely help you minimize dryness, flakiness, and signs of sun exposure. It can also help wounds heal more quickly, and with less likelihood of long-term scarring.


6) Exercising can make you happier.

You don’t always feel happy when you’re pushing yourself through an incredibly strenuous workout. But trust us: Study after study confirms that any kind of physical activity, whether walking, jogging, lifting weights, or swimming, can help release endorphins, serotonin, and other essential brain chemicals.

These chemicals all help to dull pain, elevate your mood, and provide you with an altogether sunnier disposition. And if that’s not reason enough to develop a regular workout routine, we don’t know what is.


Enhance Your Wellness with CBD

Regular workouts can play an essential role in promoting full-body health and wellness. Something else to consider? Using CBD to enhance your wellbeing, whether as a sleep aid or as a tool for improving your meditation practice.

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