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Tips for Using CBD for Stress Relief

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One popular use for CBD is to take CBD for stress relief. In recent years, the New York Times reported that Americans are among the most stressed populations in the world. The American Psychological Association (APA) also reported recently that stress is on the rise with current world events, made worse by the global pandemic of Covid-19. It’s possible our country is facing a mental health crisis beyond anything we’ve faced before.

Alongside the daily stressors of family, job, and our personal lives, many people seek outside help to navigate daily stress and feel more calm in a turbulent emotional time. CBD benefits our health and wellness, this we know, but what about using CBD for stress relief?

Today, we’ll talk about how CBD can help bring more calm into your life.

Key Points

  • Tips for stress relief
  • CBD benefits
  • How CBD helps with stress
  • A quick guide to getting started with CBD

Tips for Stress Relief

The most important takeaway from this article is this: Taking CBD for stress works best when taken regularly and as a part of an overall wellness strategy.

In other words: CBD is not a quick fix solution. It works as an integral part of your commitment to reducing stress in your life, prioritizing your health and sleep, and by being consistent. Having a winning attitude certainly helps as well.

When you prioritize your health and wellness, identify areas where you can reduce the stress in your life or find some way to deal with it better, you may opt to take CBD oil products as a part of your self-care.

We recommend developing an overall stress management plan that takes your whole health into consideration. This broad approach will benefit your entire life, your body, and your mind.

What does this kind of strategy look like? Well, it encompasses a lot of smaller decisions that work together to make you feel better:

  • Remove unnecessary stressors from your life. Remember that it is ok to say “no” to things that aren’t good for you or are causing you unwanted stress. This may mean the severing of toxic relationships, partnerships, or jobs. It may mean that you identify triggers and work to manage or avoid them. Whatever this means for you, take some time to address those things which are negatively affecting your body and mind. At the very least, work to set healthy boundaries that protect your physical and mental well-being.
  • Prioritize your physical health: Exercise, drink plenty of water, eat a well-balanced diet, avoid alcohol, processed foods, and excess sugar, and see your doctor for a check up.
  • Prioritize your mental health: Meditation, Yoga, quiet time, recreational activities, therapeutic self-work, or working with a licensed therapist.
  • Prioritize your sleep: The quality and timespan of your nightly sleep affects the way your body and mind reacts to stressors throughout your day.
  • Make the last hour of your day a dedicated downtime. The last hour before bed is a very important one. Use this time to get away from the electronic screens and allow your body and mind the time it needs to decompress. Practice calming techniques like deep breathing, or simply read a book, but do take this time to allow yourself to relax and wind down from your day.
  • Take CBD for your stress! It’s a great option to help support all those health and wellness efforts, and to help with stress management and greater calm.

CBD Benefits: An Overview

As we mentioned before, CBD is a popular option for people who need that extra help managing their stress, but it is also generally well-tolerated and gentle on the body. Many people prefer this more natural way to care for their bodies while managing day to day stress.

But what does it actually do for you? Here is the nutshell version of CBD benefits and how they relate to CBD for stress management and mood:

  1. Taking CBD helps to support a sense of calm.
  2. CBD helps to support a healthy sleep cycle which, in turn, can help you manage how you respond to stress.
  3. Taking CBD supports an overall health and wellness plan, providing greater balance in your system and helping your overall mood.
  4. CBD gives you an option to take charge of what you are going through, prioritize your own health needs, and then do something about it. For many people, beginning a CBD regimen marks the commitment to more positive and comfortable days ahead, which is an empowering feeling.

Taking CBD for Stress: How Does it Help?

Two of the main CBD benefits are why people use CBD for calm and stress support. It involves your general mood and your sleep patterns.

CBD and other cannabinoid molecules from the Cannabis sativa plant interact with CBD receptors in your skin, body tissues, and organs. While we may not fully understand how all of it works, CBD seems to make things run more smoothly and affect your general mood. Most people describe it as an “enhanced sense of calm” which, understandably, could help how you respond to stress. And because CBD products are considered an adaptogen, you can take an extra serving if you need it should the stress or activity level in your life be temporarily heightened.

CBD also helps to support a healthy sleep cycle in many of the ways it helps to promote calm. As many as 70% of Americans report not getting enough sleep or that their sleep is disrupted or poor. Lack of sleep will heighten your response to stress triggers throughout your day and make you feel sluggish or irritable. By helping your body and mind to feel calmer and to relax during those crucial hours before bed, it can help you ease into sleep. Some CBD formulas contain THC which is often attributed to improved sleep.


How Do You Get Started with CBD for Stress Relief?

Getting started with CBD is easy. First, choose a reputable brand and products that fit into your lifestyle. Choose CBD strength (concentration) based on your weight and needs. Then, begin your regimen, likely taking a half-serving for the first few weeks then gradually increasing in small increments each week until you reach the serving size that helps you feel better.

It does take a bit of time to perfect your CBD routine but once you know how CBD affects you, then you’ll know how to adjust. Soon, you’ll be checking out additional CBD supportive products to add to your daily routine.


CBD for Stress Options

If you are not sure what to buy, here are a few simple options to get you started on your CBD for stress management plan:

  1. Choose a CBD tincture strength and formula. There are THC-inclusive versions of CBD and the Non-THC ones. Choose the formula based on your needs. If you are particularly high-energy and have a lot of trouble winding down for bed, the THC-inclusive type of CBD may work best for you.
  2. Choose a CBD softgel for daily use if you prefer to take your CBD in capsule form with a glass of water rather than measuring the tinctures out with a dropper. This is purely a matter of personal preference, but there is more adaptability for the tinctures. The CBD Full Spectrum Softgels come with a .3% THC formula for the entourage effect which may be more helpful for those who are a bit more high-strung or those who want the added effect of the THC in their CBD formula. There are no right or wrong choices between the tinctures or the softgels. Whatever works for you is the right choice.
  3. If you still aren’t sure which you might prefer, or if you want the ability to add in micro-servings of tincture during the day or during times of stress, you may want to have both the softgels and tinctures onhand. To make it easier there’s a CBD bundle option that may be the best choice for you.
  4. For those stress-related aches and pains keep a bottle of the Muscle Gel Roll On which can help to soothe away that muscle tension and help you relax with less pain.

Asé Pure Naturals Provides Quality CBD for Stress 

You have to make careful choices about to whom and to what you’ll give your time and energies. There’s nothing wrong with choosing to invest more of that time and energy into yourself. The only part of the equation you can truly change is to admit you are under pressure and that something must be done about it. Then – do something about it.

When you decide to take CBD for stress and start to prioritize your own welfare, you’ll find that managing your day-to-day stress gets easier and easier for you. The stresses don’t just magically vanish from your life. But how your body and mind react to those stressors is something that can get easier.

Thank you for reading today and we here at Asé Pure Naturals wish you the best on your wellness journey.

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