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What Are the CBG Benefits?

Asé Pure Naturals includes CBG in CBD formulations – here’s why we do that.

You’ve likely heard of CBD and THC, two of the most well-known and popular components of the hemp (Cannabis sativa) plant. There’s certainly a whole lot of attention on those two cannabinoids, but there are other cannabinoids we source from the hemp plant. While CBG may be lesser known, don’t underestimate the importance of this powerful phytocannabinoid in your CBD formulas. 

Today, we’ll show you:

  • What are phytocannabinoids?
  • What is CBG?
  • What is CBG oil?
  • What are CBG benefits?


Endocannabinoids and Phytocannabinoids 

Though the terms look a little intimidating, both endocannabinoids and phytocannabinoids are good things. Let’s take a look at each and what that means when considering CBD products.

Endocannabinoids are molecules that are produced by your body to help various systems within your body run more smoothly. Because they are produced by the body on an as-needed basis, it’s hard to tell how much your body needs or whether or not your body is insufficiently producing them.

The two currently identified endocannabinoids are:

  • Anandamide (AEA)
  • 2-arachidonoylglycerol (2-AG).

Endocannabinoids bind to CB1 and CB2 receptors in your body’s endocannabinoid system. Phytocannabinoids do the same, allowing us to give our bodies more of these cannabinoids, only using a similar molecule from hemp plants in addition to our body’s naturally made cannabinoids. 

Phytocannabinoids are the plant version of endocannabinoids. They are essentially cannabinoids, similar to the ones your body makes, but derived from the hemp, Cannabis sativa, plant.

Proposing that sometimes our bodies do not produce enough endocannabinoids, we use phytocannabinoids by creating CBD oil products, CBG oil and others. 

What Is CBG?

The Cannabis sativa plant has over 100 different cannabinoids in it. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol is the one you are likely most familiar with and yes, it is the one that has psychogenic “high”qualities associated with marijuanna. Because legally regulated THC can only be present in CBD formulas in less than .3% quantities, it is not enough to give that high feeling when using CBD products. 

CBD, cannabidiol, is the second most well-known cannabinoid and offers the most widely accepted range of health benefits. 

CBG is cannabigerol, one of these phytocannabinoids in the hemp plant. Because each type of cannabinoid has its own unique features and interacts a little differently within our bodies, and because research is so thin on all of them, it is hard to nail down the exact list of benefits for each.

It is thought that several things play a role:

  • Different cannabinoids work in slightly different ways in our bodies.
  • Different cannabinoids are thought to work better in conjunction with each other, often called the entourage effect.
  • CBG plays a precursorial role in the formation of other cannabinoids, which gives it the nickname the “mother of all cannabinoids.”
  • Aside from THC and CBD, CBG is the cannabinoid most recognized for potential health and wellness benefits.
  • Cannabigerolic acid (CBGA) is created in the hemp plant to help the hemp plant to be healthier, causing damaged, diseased, or dead leaves on the plant to fall away. These molecules turn into the acids that create other cannabinoids, but at variable rates. Because THC and CBD make up most of this action, there’s little of the CBGA left to form CBG. This is why CBG oil would be highly expensive and more difficult to make than oils with THC and CBD.

What Is CBG Oil?

You may see the term CBG oil, but what is CBG oil? In short, it’s the same thing as a CBD oil product only the main cannabinoid component is CBG. CBG oil may contain other phytocannabinoids. Because the extraction process is more difficult, pure CBG oils are hard to find and are pretty expensive.

Because we believe CBD is the most effective, we opt to include CBG as a secondary cannabinoid, along with THC in the full spectrum formulations, to provide a more well-rounded formula for you to use. In this way, we can provide you the best benefits, including CBG benefits, without making it too expensive to use.

At this time we do not offer a CBG-only oil product.


What Are the CBG Benefits?

There’s a whole lot more research into THC and how it affects our bodies, as well as CBD and its benefits to our health, though it is all still too thin. Research into CBG is even more sparse. But we hope as this cannabinoid gains more and more attention, and more CBD oil product makers opt to include it in their formulations, that the research will follow the interests of the public. 

CBG benefits are similar to that of CBD, but as the two work in tandem to synergistically support your bodily systems, it’s important to use them in combination. It is thought that each cannabinoid helps to amplify the benefits of the others. 

Because CBG interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors a little differently than CBD, it is also thought that we can get greater benefit from both as the body absorbs each a little differently. Imagine your body can only take so much of one thing and sloughs off what it doesn’t use, but

then you figure out a way to use a similar substance and “get more in” that the body will process. This, in general, is how we can get more benefit from different cannabinoids absorbed through the endocannabinoid system receptors.

So, whether you take CBG for calmness, supported sleep cycles, or to give your body systems more homeostasis, know that along with CBD, the CBG can give a more complete effect.

CBD with CBG and Other Components for Wellness Wins

To ensure you are getting the best of all the cannabinoids, we focus on product formulation, environmentally ethical and sustainable sourcing of only the best organic hemp grown right here in the US, and on superior quality testing procedures with third-party labs. We do the hard work of making it the best we can – so you can be at peace with choosing our products to improve your life.


What Makes Our Products Special

  • All of our product formulations contain both CBD and CBG. The ones labeled “full spectrum” also contain THC.
  • Premium quality – we only use the best hemp plants from our partnerships with US organic hemp farmers in Colorado. Non-GMO. No pesticides.
  • CO2 Extraction Process is safer for you and for the environment.
  • Third-party lab testing for consistency, quality, potency, and safety.
  • GMP-certified facility.
  • 100% gluten-free (always!), vegan* (with one exception: the capsule portion of our softgels does contain bovine gelatin), cruelty-free (always!)
  • Free of toxic additives, heavy metals, microbials, mycotoxins, mold, and residual solvents. (Always!)

Asé Pure Naturals for Wellness You Can Trust

If you are looking to begin your CBD + CBG wellness life today, consider these as your go-to products to get started with products you can trust.

Best for athletes:

  1. CBD + CBG Muscle Gel Roll On to soothe tired muscles and help you get your fitness on.
  2. Full Spectrum CBD + THC + CBG tinctures or softgels taken morning and night to keep your body on a consistent inflow of cannabinoids to support all your bodily systems and best fitness efforts.

Best for overall wellness:

  1. Begin with Broad Spectrum Tinctures which contain CBD + CBG for your enhanced overall wellness.
  2. If after a month or so you are hoping to further improve your nighttime rest, consider using Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures or softgels in place of your broad spectrum tincture. This may help you get more restful sleep.

Best for more calm & better sleep:

  1. Begin a twice daily routine of CBD tincture formula in the Full Spectrum, which may help you achieve more calm thanks to the inclusion of all three main hemp cannabinoids: THC, CBG and CBD.

One last thought: Isn’t it time you give yourself the priority of living a well life? CBG benefits combined with all of the other cannabinoids in our formulations, along with your new wellness commitment, are a winning partnership to help you achieve your best life. 


Thank you for reading today and for giving us the honor of joining you on your wellness journey. 

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